Ain’t No Mountain High Enough: Colorado’s 5 Best Climbing Spots


“Although snowboarding is a close second, rock climbing is my favorite these days. [For camping] the Sand Gulch campgrounds at Shelf Road near Cañon City is my favorite car camping spot. The scenery is amazing, and you’re walking distance from some incredible climbing areas that are accessible year-round.”

Originally from Milwaukee, WI, Nick Yannett now lives in Denver, CO, working as a physician recruiter during the day. The rest of the time you can find Nick camping, climbing and snowboarding throughout Colorado and beyond. So for those thirsting for an adventure, grab your climbing shoes and hit the road towards these rad Colorado climbing spots. 

1. Red River Gorge

Henry de Valence / Flickr

2. Rifle

Glenn Merritt / Flickr

3. Independence Pass

Nan Palmero / Flickr

4. Shelf Road

US Department of the Interior / Flickr

5. Clear Creek Canyon

Ken Lund / CC Flickr

Read through the pages of our digital guide below and check back in for our May Denver takeover. 

photo by: courtesy of Nick Yannett; courtesy of Visit Denver