Hamilton, ON, Canada

A perfect day in Hamilton according to The Trews:

“A coffee at Smalls followed by a hike in either Cootes paradise or the Bruce Trail. Then a boozy tequila and beer soaked lunch at Mexican restaurant the Mule. Maybe spend the afternoon strolling down James street north and taking in the shops and art galleries then dinner at Nique followed by a drink at the Brain and capped off with a show at This Ain’t Hollywood — perfection!”

city guide:
Hamilton, ON, Canada
Bruce Trail
"This trails runs from the Niagara escarpment all the way up to Tobermory ON (almost 900 kms!) and runs right through the heart of Hamilton. As you wander the trail you can take in breathtaking mountain top views of the city and a seemingly endless number of waterfalls." — The Trews
Bruce Trail, Miller Lake, ON, Canada
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O’s Clothes
"Besides having a small but awesome assortment of clothing they are also a treasure trove of one of a kind trinkets, jewelery and rare finds." — The Trews
O's Clothes, James Street North, Hamilton, ON, Canada
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This Ain’t Hollywood
"It's the epitome of an old school Hamilton punk rock bar but hosts a wide array of live music on a nightly basis. And it has a great warm sound." — The Trews
This Ain't Hollywood, James Street North, Hamilton, ON, Canada
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Catherine North Studios
"It's a studio in an old church complete with stain glass windows in the tracking room for added light and inspiration. It's a great place to make a record!" — The Trews
255 Park St N, Hamilton, ON L8L 1L9, Canada
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Smalls Coffee
"Small's Coffee cause they are literally very small and only focus on making great coffee, and they are great people. I usually drink an americano with milk and honey." — The Trews
8 Cannon St E, Hamilton, ON L8L 1Z5, Canada
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The Brain
"The Brain for it's unique dive bar charm and excellent selection of craft beers. I'd most likely order a locally brewed beer like Blue Collar Ale by the Hamilton Brewery." — The Trews
199 James St N, Hamilton, ON L8R 2L2, Canada
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Nique Restaurant
"Nique for its great food, ambience, service and cocktail menu. My favorite thing to order there is the sushi nachos." — The Trews
Nique Restaurant, Vine Street, Hamilton, ON, Canada
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