Amsterdam, NL

“Of course a lot of coffeeshops and the red light district, but that’s not where you’d experience the true energy of Amsterdam. Rent a bike, go and cycle across the canals. That’s unique and it’s beautiful. The people, the parks, everybody cycling and enjoying the urban life. That’s what makes Amsterdam unique.” — Nina June

photo by: Patrik Ragnarsson/Flickr

Curated By: Nina June

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Amsterdam, NL
"There's vintage markets on Sunday's, you can eat the best icecream at IJscuypje, visit the childrens farm or go dancing at "The Pacific". It's a great park for running also, and for chilling out with a picknick on a blanket in summer." - Nina June
1014 DA Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Div. Amsterdam
"There are two DIV shops in the street, a male viariant and a female variant. The have awesome urban basics, shoes, sweaters, jeans and overalls. Not cheap cheap, but excellent quality and dope designs." - Nina June
Javastraat 8, 1094 HG Amsterdam, Netherlands
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"Originally, it's a jazzclub, but when the band stops playing, the karaoke starts. It's in the city center of Amsterdam and open until 4.00 in the morning. You can check their songlist on the website so you can practise at home!" - Nina June
Zeedijk 26E, 1012 AZ Amsterdam, Netherlands
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"Of course Paradiso, where I will be releasing my album BON VOYAGE. Both the main hall and the upper (small) hall are fantastic. Paradiso is an old church and still has the shape of it and the characteristic stained glass. All the big artists still visit the big hall and you can see the best upcoming acts in the small hall." - Nina June
Weteringschans 6-8, 1017 SG Amsterdam, Netherlands
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A’DAM Toren
"Take the (free) ferry at the backside of Amsterdam Central Station, and the tower is right in front of you. You can have drinks downstairs and then take the disco elevator to the top of the building to watch over Amsterdam. A lot of fun stuff to do there at the north side of Amsterdam too (visit Pllek for foods and drinks or go to the biggest flea market in Europe at the IJhallen)." - Nina June
Overhoeksplein 1, 1031 KS Amsterdam, Netherlands
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De Jonge Admiraal
"It's a super cosy small livingroom/coffee shop and they have the best homemade cheesecake and carrotcake ever. I'd first take that one, then order a glass of Chardonnay and have the homemade soup later." - Nina June
Javastraat 149, 1094 HE Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Wilde Zwijnen
"The food is really really good here and you can also eat vegetarian if you like (I do). I choose the Chef's Choice surprise menu. It's healthy, really tasty and the place is very cosy. It's not very cheap, but if you want to have a special night out you should go here." - Nina June
Javaplein 23, 1095 CJ Amsterdam, Netherlands
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"You can have drinks here at the bar, eat a veggy burger or pasta, order cocktails and enjoy an evening with your friends. My drink order would be the Gin Tonic, or the Viognier white whine." - Nina June
Javastraat 42, 1094 HK Amsterdam, Netherlands
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