Circa Waves release new video for “Move to San Francisco”
Circa Waves

The English bandmates picked up a camera and captured the essence of the Bay Area in new video for “Move to San Francisco”

Exploring a city through the eyes of your favorite artist is not something that happens that often. Thankfully for Circa Waves fans, they get to explore San Francisco with a fresh new view regardless of whether they’ve visited the city or not. The video is charming and super DIY, featuring the tallest points in the city and the coolest hole in the wall bars you can find. We can only hope the video inspires others to invest in a camcorder and have their own adventures.

We were very lucky to get a new album from Circa Waves last year, but 2020 is looking even better. Not only have they released two awesome new videos, the other being for their single “Jacqueline”, the band is also dropping another album over the next two months, known as Sad HappyThe release is unconventional seeing as the band in releasing the album in two parts. The first part will be out this Friday and the second in March.

Happy drops this Friday, January 10, and Sad arrives March 13 via Prolifica Inc. You can pre-order both here.






photo by: Katy Cummings