Collide Presents: Cataldo Brings his New Style to Resident, DTLA

Seattle-based songwriter Eric Anderson, better known as Cataldo, will bring his nuanced pop-rock to Los Angeles on May 10, with Cassandra Violet and Preston Graves along for the ride.

With his newest LP Keepers, released on April 28, Cataldo completely sheds his previous acoustic folk persona as he embraces funky beats, lush synthscapes and diverse arrangements. While his voice still maintains the grounded emotional quotient it always had, this album allows him to shine in a completely different light. Even when one listens to the slightly more familiar leanings of the solid four-on-the-floor of “Person You’d Be Proud Of,” or the half-time shuffle of “America, Goodnight,” Cataldo’s new affinity for processed keyboard and percussion is clear.

Violet and Graves evoke Cataldo’s roots with a more apparent grounding in pop-folk, but their respective approaches to the genre remain distinct and inspired. Violet’s stripped down beauty perfectly contrasts with Graves’ more explorative nature, completing what will surely be an exciting night at Resident this Wednesday.

Fans of three vibrant shades of pop and folk music can purchase tickets to this stacked show here.

photo by: Megumi Shauna Arai; Jenny Jimenez