caroline polachek

Few artists can boast as extensive and multifaceted a musical repertoire as Caroline Polachek. Over the course of her career, she has successfully evaded being lumped into any one artistic category by unfurling herself over the entire music industry. From writing and producing with Beyonce to orchestrating a runway soundtrack for designer Proenza Schouler, it seems that Polachek can’t stand still, and her newest single, “Bunny is a Rider,” captures some of that seemingly uncapturable essence.
The track comes as Polachek’s first release since her cover of The Corrs’ “Breathless” and the first original music offering since the 2019 drop of her debut solo album Pang. But “Bunny is a Rider” is an intriguing departure from the disarmingly transparent and unapologetically diaristic record. In fact, “Bunny” follows Polachek playing a character, one that can’t be held down for longer than the span of a verse. She sings admiringly of the persona, “Bunny is a rider/satellite can’t find her,” but soon transitions into fully identifying with her: “But I’m so non-physical/I do, I do, feel like the lady.
Sonically, “Bunny is a Rider” plays with a more minimalist approach than did most of the tracks on Pang, at least initially. The track launches from a simple but strong baseline (courtesy of Danny Harle, a frequent collaborator of Polachek’s) but gradually builds into a symphony of summer sounds, interwoven with an electronic percussion and the occasional cameo from Harle’s daughter.
So what’s next for Ms. Polachek? “Bunny is a Rider” succeeds the announcement of three shows spanning the US and UK in August, which means fans are fortunate enough to once again witness her artistry unfold in real time. And while we may not know what comes after, we can rest assured that Polachek has something up her sleeve; something ungraspable for the time being, “non-physical” perhaps, but nevertheless groundbreaking.

photo by: Nedda Asfar