BOYO Releases New Album ‘Me, Again’ And Gives Us A Peak Behind The Curtain
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BOYO, aka Robert Tilden has been staying up late constructing jagged, fuzzy DIY tracks to make up his sophomore album Me, Again out for your listening pleasure today.

Cutting his teeth in the LA DIY scene from the age of 15, Robert made the typical rounds of a young musician bouncing from project to project, taking little pieces with him along the way to form what he is today, BOYO.  His writing and recording method takes after his LA DIY predecessors No Age and Ty Segall with a minimalist bedroom recording process.  The album ranges from gritty ballads to surf rock jams that will hug your ears all the way up the PCH.  Take a glimpse into BOYO’s journey recording Me, Again around Los Angeles in his photo dairy while you kick back with 13 gooey, hypnotic tracks.

photo by: Julien Kelly Gross, Nathan Castiel, Anna Maria Lopez