Biking Around Town With Madison’s Anna Vogelzang
anna vogelzang

Indie folk artist Anna Vogelzang shares why Madison is consistently ranked as one of the top bicycling destinations in the nation.

“Getting on your bike and just going. There are so many amazing trails, and biking around the lake is always gorgeous. You can explore the east side, head over to picnic point, or take a long day trip out of town.

Pick up supplies at the Underground Butcher & Willy Street Co-Op, jump on your bike and spend the day at Yahara Place Park, Tenney Park, or James Madison Park with a bunch of friends. You could also spend an entire day seeking out weird antique shops — the best one is in Columbus, and you could easily spend an entire day in there. It’s a labyrinth.”

And just for kicks Collide’s tips on how to change a bike tire:

1. Check the tire before you head out. If it’s just a puncture, patch it!

2. If the problem is worse replace the tube: seat one side of the tire onto the rim, then tuck a new, slightly inflated tube inside, starting at the valve hole and working your way around. Using the palms of your hands, roll the other side of the tire onto the rim.

3. Pro Tip: Quick-release bike tires — always.

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photo by: College Library/CC Flickr; TNT Creative Studios