BEHIND THE SCENES: Cloe Wilder’s new music video for single “It’s True”

At only 14 years old, indie-pop singer Cloe Wilder manages to both sing with a mature voice and cover relatable topics in her music.

Her voice is reminiscent of other indie artists such as Lennon Stella and Sasha Sloan. “It’s True” is the first single and title track off her upcoming EP Teenage Lullabies, out in Jan. 2021.

Within the song, Wilder sings about the all-too-familiar feeling of struggling to connect with fellow peers. As teens, we all want to relate to our friends and others our age. Though a problem that most teens face, Wilder highlights the stress that comes with balancing everyday teen ups and downs with an emerging musical career.

The music video, directed by Bobby Hanaford, reflects this mood. One scene in particular features clouds hanging from above, a literal illustration of the “head in clouds,” daydreaming mentality that comes with being a young teen.

Check out the music video and then go behind the scenes of “It’s True” in the photo gallery below:






BTS photos by: Jesse DeFlorio