Bay Area Hangs: The 5 Best Landmarks

The Bay Area has so many amazing neighborhoods it’s hard to choose just a few to feature. That’s why we enlisted the help of Geographer, The Stone Foxes, SWMRS, and Painted Palms to help us narrow down some must-see destinations in the area. From a bird’s eye view, the Bay isn’t all that big, but packed into San Francisco’s 7×7 square miles and the hills of the east bay, there’s something for everyone. From Oakland’s Lake Merrit to everyone’s favorite Nor Cal beach, the Bay really does have it all. 

photo Daniel Ramiez/Flickr

Mountain View Cemetery: recommended by SWMRS
226 acre cemetery where many historical figures of California rest. The cemetery is known for its grandiose crypts with one section referred to as “Millionaires’ Row.” The cemetery’s figures, crypts and beautiful setting draw numerous tourists and tours of the grounds are regularly given.

photo Daniel Ramirez/Flickr

“Both [Lake Merritt and Mountain View Cemetery] are rad places with awesome views” — SWMRS.

Lake Merritt: recommended by SWMRS
A historical tidal lagoon located right in the center of Oakland, the lake was designated the United States’ first official wildlife refuge in 1870. Spend some time bird watching as the lake houses several bird refuges, visit the Rotary Nature Center to rent sailboats, canoes and rowboats or unleash your inner child at fairy tale themed amusement park, Children’s Fairyland. 

photo Nicolas Raymond/Flickr

“So many walks of life in such close quarters” — The Stone Foxes

Lands End Beach: recommended by The Stone Foxes
Located at the mouth of the Golden Gate, visitors can explore numerous trails along with the ruins of the Sutro Baths. Visit the beach at low tide to see old shipwrecks from the Coastal Trail and Mile Rock.

Presidio Forest: recommended by Geographer
This forest features old pine, cypress, eucalyptus and other non-native trees, planted by the army from the 1880s through the 1940s to provide protection from enemies and the elements.

“The Sutro Bath caves are amazing. They’re the caves by the ocean that are on the cover of our album Forever.” — Painted Palms

Sutro Bath Caves: recommended by Painted Palms

photo by: Vincent Hamm/Flickr; Mikey Tapscott/Flickr