Bash Festival Brings It Back to Basics
Bash Festival

When the temps start to rise, so does music fever.

This past weekend quenched a thirst for a gathering that was more low key (punk rock dress code) and back to basics (catching up over brews with some friends). And that’s exactly what happened at The Bash — a traveling mini-festival headlined by Rancid and a ton of local craft breweries. The New Jersey leg of the festival included Dogfish Head (always a personal favorite), Jughandle Brewing Co., River Horse Brewing Co. (the Ewing, NJ outfit makes a tasty summer ale), and more.

A GA ticket gets you entry to the festival and free tastings in a themed chalice. The fest is all-ages, but the first part of the afternoon was 21+, so eligible patrons were able to booze like the grown ass men and women that they are. Once properly buzzed, it was time to head inside the racetrack for loud music and the frenzied mosh pit that accompanies any good punk rock show.

Opening act, Madball, has its roots in the New York hardcore scene. (Side note: check out the documentary “The Godfathers of Hardcore” on Showtime if you’re not familiar with the legendary scene). Their fans turned out, as did plenty of newcomers, to their music. In between songs, they thanked the crowd.

L7, Suicidal Tendencies, and Pennywise each brought their own flavor to the evening. Heavy thunderstorms did intermittently threaten our good vibes and shortened sets, including that of headliner Rancid.

All in all, the fest was a great time and a perfect way to get a festival experience without the high maintenance that comes with it.

Check out the remaining tour dates below.

The Bash Festival

6/8 Boise, ID
6/9 Tacoma, WA
6/15 San Jose, CA
6/16 Sacramento, CA

photo by: Shaun Regan