Bad Cop Delivers Punchy Retro Punk Cinema with “AlviCass”
song premiere

Nashville neo-psych rockers Bad Cop have been in the game close to a decade, and while they have always hit the bullseye with their razor-sharp material and prodigious live show, their polarizing rock and roll antics remained a constant threat against their sophomore album ever seeing the light.

With the release of their new LP, Hello Mr. Sunshine, the band has not only returned with a triumphant long-awaited, follow-up, but a package of tightly wound rock nuggets that are imbued with the kind of energy one might expect from a band just out the gate.

Speaking of just out the gate, Culture Collide is proud to premiere the album’s lead-off track, “AlviCass,” which finds Bad Cop in a distinctly Kinks-esque mood, executing a brilliant character study with jangly groove to spare. According to band spearhead Adam Christopher Moult,

“I went through a period where I was really fascinated with character and personality dynamics and what builds up a person. What makes them tick? This song is me psycho-analyzing someone from my past, building a cinematic narrative around their struggles. We are living in a time where everyone seems so damn miserable and always looking for reasons why. Wanting to be happy was the general human consensus around the time that this was written.”

It’s rare to see a band simultaneously mature and become wilier, but Bad Cop is obviously not concerned with maintaining the status quo. Watch the boys shake off the sophomore slump June 1st when Hello Mr. Sunshine officially drops.