Australia’s Jordie Lane Delivers Unfiltered Americana on “Dreamin’ The Life”
song premiere

Australia and the US (particularly the West) have always had a somewhat unexpected connection, found in a shared frontier-land mentality and an unquenchable thirst for exploring unforgiving territories. While we certainly share a troubled past of displacement, there’s something about our rugged landscapes that have pulled us together. So it’s not at all surprising that an Aussie like Jordie Lane could make such raw and unfiltered Americana, despite his transcontinental roots.

Originally from Melbourne and now based in Nashville, Lane has embraced a certain adaptability that translates to both his outlook on life and his music. Finding that flow state in the most unexpected of currents, Lane’s sound contains that Bob Dylan style looseness, where key and time signature are less a priority than feeling and message. Don’t get me wrong, Lane’s words are discernible and the arrangements beautifully crafted, but both the lyrics and guitar playing feel weathered as if the edges run a little jagged. This holds true for single “Dreamin’ The Life,” and in the same way that Sturgill Simpson can bring a room to tears one minute, and have the crowd hollering for more the next, Lane plays with both harmony and grit. If anything, his music is a testament to the vast emotional range he inhabits, not unlike the continent he used to call home. 

Listen to the track below and stay tuned for the release of his upcoming full-length, GLASSELLLAND.