Aussie Psych Rockers Tempesst Give us Global Surf Spot Lowdown

Originally from Queensland, Australia, the now London-based psych quintet Tempesst, has worked hard to keep their hometown roots intact.

If anything the cross continental move signifies a step forward for the band, from indie beginnings to widespread recognition. Combining old school psychedelic, folk-pop and surf rock, the group gives listeners a sonic dive into the low key Aussie beach culture they called home.

Following their debut, 2017’s EP Adult Wonderland, the band is set to release another EP titled Doomsday. The name aptly describes the anxiety inducing nature of social media and the ever intruding nature of digital connection. “It’s the first time in my life that I’ve felt so aware of my mortality and it probably doesn’t help that the Facebook and Netflix algorithms have cottoned on and keep feeding me shit on the topic,” vocalist Toma Banjanin says. ”’Doomsday’ is the start of what will probably be a long running theme.”

To escape the media slough, Tempesst has given us a list of their favorite surf spots from around the globe, and a photo diary to go with. So stop wasting finger strength on that iPhone of yours and get outside — maybe even #surfwithpurpose. Doomsday is out July 27. 

Tempesst’s Top Ten Favorite Surf Spots

1. Noosa, QLD, Aus (hometown)
2. Angourie surfing reserve, NSW, Aus
3. Bells beach, VIC, Aus
4. Uluwatu, Bali
5. Medewi, Bali
6. Biarritz, France
7. Peniche, Portugal
8. Cornwall, UK
9. Lahinch, Ireland
10. Ocean beach pier, San Diego, USA


photo by: norsez Oh / Flickr