Atwater Punx make their rowdy debut with “Ghost Town”
Atwater Punx

There’s no turning back now! Born out of quarantine, Stacy Jones and Kristen Wagner Jones join forces on a brand new project Atwater Punx. 

We’ll be seeing stories like this more and more in the next few months. Stories where art is born out of mentally and physically isolated times. Highly influenced by the Stay at Home order, Stacy Jones, of American HiFi and Letters to Cleo fame, and his wife Kristen Wagner Jones started their new project called Atwater Punx.

Although they are both lifelong musicians, they have spent their entire careers making music apart so this is the first time they have made music together.  After the birth of their son, Waylon, the time finally felt right to team up sonically. Spending toddler nap times and post-bedtime putdowns in their home studio, they began to craft a new set of songs that encompassed their love for bands like The Clash and Bikini Kill.  The two would chip away at new tunes whenever feasible, but when Coronavirus hit and the world came to a grinding halt, they finally found the time and inspiration to hunker down and finish the songs that had become a true labor of love. The end result is their debut EP The Flea Draws Blood, which drops May 28th!

The first single off the EP is “Ghost Town“, a track that doesn’t shy away from letting listeners know exactly how Atwater Punx feel. Melding together aggressive keys with Stacy and Kristen’s razor sharp vocal, “Ghost Town” packs a punch upon first listen and has listeners hitting replay for more.

Check out Atwater Punx’s “Ghost Town” down below and let us know what you think!