Winter always has her head up in the clouds, as if the music she conceives was sent down from space. Creating a distinct and dreamy sound that combines electro-pop and indie rock,  the (often bilingual) songs effortlessly transport listeners back to youthful times. The band is the project of  vocalist and songwriter, Samira Winter, who traces her roots from Boston all the way back to Brazil, where she grew up listening to American punk music and Brazilian pop tracks. Samira and Co. (Nolan Eley) relocated to LA in 2013 where they added new members (Matt Hogan, Justine Brown and Garren Orr) and began working on their first full length album, Supreme Blue Dream, which was released in 2015.The band’s new album Ethereality is officially out today, which you can stream below.

city guide:
Curitiba, BR
Mahatma Gourmet
"It's a lunch only vegetarian buffet inside a beautiful house right by the Oscar Niemeyer Museum. In Brasil, it's a big tradition to go to a buffet by the "kilo" for lunch. Mahatma reinvents the tradition and offers a new menu every day varying from Indian, Italian and Brazilian cuisine. I go there pretty much every day when I'm back home. They also have yummy desserts and juices!" - Winter
R. Prof. Macedo Filho, 199 - Bom Retiro, Curitiba - PR, 80520-340, Brazil
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James Bar
"Growing up in Curitiba the funnest spot to go to on a Wednesday, Friday or Saturday night was James. It originally started as a gay bar with the best dance music and now has popularized to the "mainstream." The music is still very fun to dance to and it's very easy to make new friends there. I would suggest ordering a "Caipirinha", it's a traditional drink in Brasil and you must try it if you're anywhere in the country!" - Winter
Alameda Dr. Carlos de Carvalho, 680 - Centro, Curitiba - PR, 80050-540, Brazil
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Barista Coffee Bar
"It's hard to choose one since Curitiba is known for its coffee. There are so many good coffee shops! Recently my favorite coffee shop is Barista Coffee Bar. It's part of the third wave coffee culture. The space has very clean aesthetics and you can choose what kind of beans you want! They have local, national and decaf beans that you can choose before they make you a cup! My favorite is the "Bueno". It's served in a glass cup traditional to Brasil and is a "Cortado" type drink in it's coffee to milk ratio but also they can add peanut butter! It's really a great spot to work or read or meet up with a friend!" - Winter
Rua Moysés Marcondes, 609 - Juvevê, Curitiba - PR, 80030-410, Brazil
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Bosque Alemão
"There are a ton of parks and memorials for the different nationalities that moved to the city (Italian, Japanese, Ukraine, etc.) but I personally enjoy the German Portal aka "Bosque do Alemão". I grew up walking there and exploring the Hansel and Gretel forest, which gives you a taste of exploring the atlantic rainforest! You can also taste some German pastries and coffee after the hike and if you have kids I'd greatly suggest venturing into the "Witch House" where she can read some books out loud!" - Winter
Rua Francisco Schaffer, s/n - Vista Alegre, Curitiba - PR, 80820-200, Brazil
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"One of my favorite things about Brasil is that a lot of businesses are inside houses. My favorite place to catch a show is at a bar/venue called Ornitorrinco (which means platypus in Portuguese). The band plays right in the middle of the house, there are tables and a food menu that includes (pão com ovo, french bread with an egg). If the band is pumping and everyone is dancing then the wooden floor moves up and down ever so slightly! Guaranteed a good time." - Winter
Rua Benjamin Constant 423 Curitiba - PR Curitiba - PR 80060-020 Brazil
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Love Story
"Love story! It's trashy kind of karaoke but can be very fun!" - Winter
R. Araújo, 232 - República, São Paulo - SP, 01220-020, Brazil
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Fermín Cacarecos
"I love Fermin! It's a hip thrift store and across the street is a delicious veggie spot called Veggie Veggie so you could kill two birds with one stone! Fermin has the best deals!" - Winter
Rua Visconde de Nácar, 606 - Mercês, Curitiba - PR, 80410-200, Brazil
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Parque Barigui
"Parque Barigui is a great spot to walk, read, and write. Also, they have Capivara's roaming around which is pretty magical! Capivara's are the largest rodent. You can't pet them but you can watch them pretty up close! Barigui is a huge park and is also a good spot for runners and bikers!" - Winter
Av. Manoel Ribas Curitiba - PR 81020-430 Brazil
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