White Mystery

Chicago based sibling duo White Mystery are a rollicking good time. Whether they’re channeling punk, psychedelic, country, or anything else into their hard-charging rock n’ roll, you can be sure they’re doing it with 100% raw energy. Miss Alex White’s clear, powerful voice cuts across the music like a knife, providing a wonderful contrast to the distorted guitar riffs and garage-flavored percussion. Miss Alex and her brother Francis Scott Key White embody the spirit of their hometown, blasting straightforward fun into your ears. Of Chicago, the band says,

“This city has raised us to be loud, tough, and polite, which absolutely comes through in White Mystery music.”

Listen to White Mystery’s latest album Hellion Blender below, and scope their Chicago selections in our city guide!

city guide:
Chicago, IL
"My favorite place to get a hotdog and fries is Wolfy’s in West Ridge. It’s a classic 1960’s style restaurant with a badass, neon sign out front." -White Mystery
Wolfy's, West Peterson Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA
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Cafe Mustache
"I love stopping by Cafe Mustache in Logan Square for a Schlitz tallboy and a shot of Jameson. Karaoke on Sundays is always hopping, and a great place to slam a 'Chicago Handshake.'" -White Mystery
Cafe Mustache, North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA
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Maplewood Brewery & Distillery
"Maplewood Brewery & Distillery just opened up near Avondale, and every beer they brew is delicious!" -White Mystery
Maplewood Brewery & Distillery, North Maplewood Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA
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Metropolis Coffee Company
"Metropolis Coffee in Rogers Park serves up sophisticated, super-strength caffeine when you need it!" -White Mystery
1039 W Granville Ave, Chicago, IL 60660, USA
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Avondale Neighborhood
"Avondale is a super fun neighborhood on Belmont, where groovy places like Reed's Local, Bucket of Blood, Sleeping Village, and DönerMen all reside." -White Mystery
Avondale, Chicago, IL, USA
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Biograph Theater
"The Biograph Theatre in Lincoln Park is where John Dillinger was shot dead and the alley next to it is notoriously haunted." -White Mystery
Victory Gardens Biograph Theatre, North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA
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The Robey Hotel
"The Robey Hotel in Wicker Park is a newly renovated, fancy historic building centrally located amidst hip neighborhoods." -White Mystery
The Robey, West North Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA
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Laurie’s Planet of Sound
"Laurie's Planet of Sound in Lincoln Square always has something worth picking up in my 20 years of shopping there." -White Mystery
Laurie's Planet of Sound, North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA
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Liar’s Club
"If you want the authentic Chicago punk experience, Liar's Club has you covered with great bartenders, a new stage, and debaucherous clientele." -White Mystery
Liar's Club, West Fullerton Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA
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The Hidden Cove
"The Hidden Cove, on north Lincoln Ave, is open til 4am, and off the beaten path." -White Mystery
Hidden Cove, North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA
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