Shana Halligan

During her time as vocalist for Bitter:Sweet, singer-songwriter Shana Halligan established herself as a staple of the L.A. music scene. Forging ahead with a solo career, Halligan is staying busy, appearing on Season 14 of The Voice and creating two songs for the film Peter Rabbit. While coming to prominence nationwide, she still incorporates her Los Angeles roots into her work. Halligan says,

“I always get inspired here. There are so many different vibes and communities with so much diversity. It’s hard not to feel all of that. Everything I do, touch, taste, experience, and receive energetically from everyone I encounter, along with all the vibrancy I see each day, gets sewn into my music in some way.”

She continues to release new music, including the dynamic single “Hurricane.” The track steams with the contrasts of guilty pleasure, pulling the listener through of whirlwind of conflicting feelings. Epic and sultry, “Hurricane” sounds like it could be in the opening credits of a James Bond film.

Listen the single “Hurricane” below, and be sure to check out Shana Halligan’s preferred L.A. haunts!

city guide:
Los Angeles, CA
"Gorgeous, innovative, well balanced, and sexy peruvian flavors that make my mouth water as I talk about it. The chaufa paella is the best I've ever had. The hamachi ceviche is blissful and the pescado parrillero makes me cry. Drinks are insane too." - Shana Halligan  
Rosaline, Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, CA, USA
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The Rooftop by JG, Waldorf Beverly Hills
"My man and I discovered a mini vacation from LA and our toddler when we stumbled onto the rooftop of The Waldorf Hotel in Beverly Hills. Stunning view of the entire city, perfect sunset, steamy, loungey electronic music, and you get to dress up. It's our perfect date . After playing and drinking in more bars than I can possibly count, this feels really worth it. Aperol Spritz's all day." - Shana Halligan
The Rooftop by JG, Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA, USA
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Alfred Coffee
"We like them because they use good coffee beans and keep their machines nice and clean. Also, they have the unsweetened almond milk alternative which can be hard to find at most coffee joints. We usually order a hot chocolate, almond milk cappuccino with stevia and a banana/chocolate chip muffin." — Diana Purim & Eyedentity
Alfred Coffee Studio City, Ventura Place, Studio City, CA, USA
The Bradbury Building
"The Bradbury Building downtown is a stunner. So many moments have been filmed there and it wraps you up in that nostalgia of very old Hollywood." - Shana Halligan
Bradbury Building, South Broadway, Los Angeles, CA, USA
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The Gamble House
"Off the beaten path is The Gamble House in Pasadena. (Doc Brown's house in Back To The Future). Japanese, mid century modern, [a] natural aesthetic that is so unique and incredible." - Shana Halligan
The Gamble House, Westmoreland Place, Pasadena, CA, USA
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Hotel Erwin
"For a very Southern Cali experience I would choose The Erwin in Venice. It has a beautiful rooftop bar, super cute rooms, [in] a very walkable neighborhood by Abbot Kinney, Main St, etc, and you have the beach!" -Shana Halligan
Hotel Erwin, Pacific Avenue, Venice, CA, USA
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The Del Monte Speakeasy
"It's so cozy, sweaty, vibey and seems to attract people that aren't really too worried about how cool or hipstered out they are, but that just want to shake it hard and get lost in the music. Loads of KCRW acts , amazing DJ's, and the owners are super sweet too." - Shana Halligan
The Del Monte Speakeasy, Windward Avenue, Venice, CA, USA
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Karaoke Bleu
"Karaoke Bleu on Sawtelle is by far the most entertaining blend of hysterics I've ever experienced. After some sake and ramen across the street, staggering into this very dimly lit joint [and] watching an adorable 90 year old Hello Kitty'esque woman wail some Bon Jovi is truly all you need for a perfect night." - Shana Halligan
Karaoke Bleu, Sawtelle Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Recess LA
"GORGEOUS vintage, one of a kind pieces I lust for. When I have a performance or need something no one else will have , Marie is my girl over there." - Shana Halligan
Recess, North La Brea Avenue, L A, CA, USA
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Gracias Madre
"Gracias Madre has the most lovely patio for nibbling, drinking and dreaming about all things eclectically LA. It has the perfect blend of boho chic and sunny morocco that makes me feel all happy inside while sipping on my margarita, chatting about lady things.:)" - Shana Halligan
Gracias Madre, Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, CA, USA
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