Paul Beaubrun

Haitian transplant, Paul Beaubrun, has been vibing in New York for a while now.

The singer fled to NY when he was a teenager, forced to migrate there due to political tensions in Haiti. His family, always vocal about social issues, voiced their concerns through the music of their political Port-au-Prince-based band, Boukman Eksperyans. As a result, Beaubrun’s groove-infused music pays homage to both his Haitian hometown and the energy of New York.

The blues singer will release his sophomore album May 11th. Ayibobo, the Haitian word for “Blessings”,  explores the great power of simplicity with the lyrics and understated melodies allowing Beaubrun’s message to ring clear. Beaubrun will take the album on the road in May. For now, check out his single “Rise Up.”

city guide:
Port-au-Prince, HT
Le P’tit Creux
"I love a restaurant called Le petit Creux in Petion Ville because the food is amazing, they have a family atmosphere, and they were the first ones who gave me an opportunity to perform every week at their restaurant back in 2008. Order would usually be Lemon chicken, steamed vegetables, white rice and red bean sauce." - Paul Beaubrun
57 Rebecca, Pétionville, Haiti
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"Yanvalou is hands down my favorite bar in Port au Prince to hang out. The energy is amazing and intimate. Favorite drink order would be Rhum Barbancourt neat. - Paul Beaubrun
46 Avenue N, Port-au-Prince HT6110, Haiti
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Presse Café
"Press Cafe is one of my favorite places to go and relax because the vibe is incredible. There is so much history and always amazing music. Favorite drink order would be Haitian coffee (Café Rebo) or natural leaf Haitian tea." - Paul Beaubrun
Rue Rigaud 28, Petionville 6140, Haiti
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Hotel Oloffson
The Hotel Oloffson offers a cozy place to curl up after a long day of sightseeing. It's built in the 19th century Gothic gingerbread style that Paul Beaubrun loves!  
60 Avenue H.Christophe, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
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Quartier Latin
"We don’t do Karaoke, but we jam a lot. I would recommend the great restaurant and live music spot Quartier Latin where you can expect an amazing jam session any day." - Paul Beaubrun
10, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
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Parc Historique de la Canne a Sucre
"It’s an historical space like a mini museum and sometimes they have amazing live music and festivals there." - Paul Beaubrun
Boulevard du 15 Octobre, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
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