MYNTH is an electronic trip-hop duo based in Vienna, made up of twins Mario and Giovanna Fartacek. Their first EP Polar Night quickly gained traction in the Austrian music scene, where they emerged as one of the best newcomers of 2015. They’ve since released their full-length debut Plaat II (2016), followed by a number of singles and remixes ahead of their sophomore release, PARALLELS.

city guide:
Vienna, AT
Chic industrial-style restaurant and bar in the middle of Vienna. "Nice atmosphere and the best burger - order their Zweitbester Burger." - MYNTH
Zweitbester, Heumühlgasse, Vienna, Austria
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Cafe Clash
"They have the best music, best people, very old school. Our favorite drink order is the 1270 Hirter Vienna lager." - MYNTH
Café Clash, Fluchtgasse, Vienna, Austria
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Caffè Couture
"Their self roasted coffee has the best taste. Our favorite is the espresso macchiato." - MYNTH
Cafe Couture, Garnisongasse, Vienna, Austria
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"One of our favorite neighborhoods in Vienna is yppenplatz. So many nice coffee shops and restaurants, it's beautiful to sit outside in the summer." - MYNTH
Yppenplatz, Vienna, Austria
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25hours Hotel
Overlooking historic Weghuberpark in St Ulrich, this playful, circus-inspired hotel features a roof terrace offering spectacular vies of Vienna and the MuseumsQuartier. There's an Italian restaurant on-site and a seasonal Airstream food truck serving burgers in a garden. Recommended by MYNTH.
25hours Hotel beim MuseumsQuartier, Lerchenfelder Straße, Vienna, Austria
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Fluc Wanne
Nightclub with Fluc Cafe upstairs and Fluc Wanne downstairs. "Best sound in town, with a very urban, underground vibe." - MYNTH
Fluc und Fluc Wanne, Praterstern, Vienna, Austria
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Comerc Store
"Comerc Store is a concept store that alway brings up new ideas, and has very unique styles. One of our favorite shops in town." - MYNTH
Comerc Store, Westbahnstraße, Vienna, Austria
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"Türkenschanzpark is one of the most inspiring outdoor spaces in Vienna. When you are there, you get the feeling that you are leaving the city for a moment." - MYNTH
Türkenschanzpark, Max-Emanuel-Straße, Vienna, Austria
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Innere Stadt
Vienna's historic center, filled with medieval buildings, museums, palaces, churches and much more. "If someone only had a day in Vienna, they have to do a tour through Innere Stadt (the first district). Really interesting in a historical context." - MYNTH
Innere Stadt, Vienna, Austria
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