Ghost in the Willow

Featured in the Phoenix edition of the Waterloo Sparkling Sessions, presented by Waterloo Sparkling Water.

Ghost In The Willow is the solo project of former The Combat Medic front man Gil Rodriguez out of Phoenix, AZ

Since starting his solo project in October 2016, Gil as Ghost In The Willow has toured and performed alongside veteran acoustic/punk acts such as Bradley Palermo, Bradley Riot, Tommy Stinson (The Replacements, GnR, Bash & Pop, Cowboys In The Campfire) Elijah Newman & The Side-Effects, Spanish Love Songs, The Ataris and Divided Heaven.

In October 2017 Ghost In The Willow released their second EP “Missing Persons”. About “Missing Persons” Gil says:

“My brother passed away in 2013 and shortly after that I lost my grandparents with whom I was quite close. Those experiences had a profound effect on my songwriting and as a result I was coming up with tunes that were a little more personal than they had been in The Combat Medic. So I filtered them into Ghost In The Willow and that’s how “Missing Persons” came about”

“Missing Persons” continues that accessible ethos while expanding the sonic palette to include more toe tapping, hip swinging melodies, and somber songs dealing with loved ones no longer present.

Mitchell Hillman at Java Magazine had this to say about the EP: “Two songs in and you realize the lyrical potency. They are impactful, each song painting a different story perfectly.”

After a few solo tours from West Coast to the Great Lakes, Gil deiced to slightly alter the musical direction of the band from an acoustic folk punk sound to a more modern indie/Alt-Punk vibe with the permanent addition of long time collaborators Sean Harris on drums, Ian Deal on bass and finally Sam Etling on second guitar/backup vocals. With this lineup the group entered the studio and recorded their third EP “A Song for Alice” which is a quick 3 song blast of catchy rhythms and tasty hooks recorded in honour of a deceased friend.

This brings us to the tail end of 2019 where Ghost In The Willow will continue to tug on your heart strings, so long as there is a heart to bare & someone feeling down on their luck willing to listen. Look out for Gil and Ghost In The Willow to hit a city near you soon.

city guide:
Phoenix, AZ
Cartel Coffee Lab
"Our favorite coffee shop in Phoenix is Cartel Coffee Lab" - Ghosts in the Willow Recommended in the Phoenix edition of the Waterloo Sparkling Sessions, presented by Waterloo Sparkling Water
225 W University Dr #101, Tempe, AZ 85281