El Búho

El Búho (AKA Robin Perkins) is an artist from Northern England who has a deep connection to the sounds and cultures of Latin America.  Having lived in Mexico City for a number of years, El Búho has drawn significant influence from Mexico’s cultural traditions, incorporating elements of Latin American music and the region’s natural sounds into his personal style of organic, folk-tinged electronic music.

city guide:
Mexico City, MX
Tacos Álvaro Obregón
"Uniformed waiters carving slices of incredibly delicious tacos to be sprinkled with amazing spicy sauces, drenched in melted cheese, served on plastic plates, and washed down with a cold beer. Simple and delicious. Simply delicious. This was the very first place I had tacos when I arrived (on the first night) and the very last place, it kind of became a place to mark special occasions in a funny way. Order: A gringa, 3 tacos al pastor (con todo) and a cold beer."   —  El Búho
Av. Álvaro Obregón 90, Roma Norte, Mexico City, Mexico
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"Go down a flight of stairs in a quiet back street right in the heart of the city, just a few meters from the huge Reforma Avenue and you will find Xaman, one of the most welcoming, warm, and enticing bars in the city. It might seem a bit pretentious when you first walk in but it became our home for our Shika Shika music collective / label thanks to their true enthusiasm and love for the music and for the people that would come down. Every show we played there was a crowd of loyal, wonderful, open-minded people ready to dance away the night. It wasn´t about a big sound system or an incredible mega-club but just a moment and a feeling — the place, the drinks, the ambience and, most of all, the people. Drink: A gin and tonic or, if I was feeling adventurous, one of their weird cocktails!"  — El Búho
Copenhague 6, Juárez, 06600 Mexico City, Mexico
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UNAM Sculpture Garden
"Also worth visiting is the really spooky UNAM sculpture park which has this crazy amphitheater in the middle of it strewn with volcanic rocks and where you can catch an amazing view of the city."  — El Búho
UNAM Sculpture Garden, Mexico City, Mexico
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"I love walking down the little cobbled streets of Coyoacán, not just in the center but also into the area which has this almost village atmosphere to it, dotted with little churches, local celebrations, and feels a long way from the hustle of Juarez or the Zona Rosa."  — El Búho
Coyoacán, Mexico City, Mexico
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Plaza Garibaldi
"Plaza Garibaldi, even if you are skeptical about its tourist-trap shine, is an experience worth living. Hoards of different groups, mariachi or son jarocho, stalk the square looking for customers to pay them per song upon request. You get a personal experience: a one on one concert of any Mexican classic played right in front of you by these incredible musicians. Well worth it!" —  El Búho
Plaza Garibaldi, Eje Central, Centro, Mexico City, Mexico
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Foro Normandie
"If you want a clubbing experience, Foro Normandie is an incredible space hidden in a basement just a stone's throw away from the Bellas Artes museum — Funktion-One sound system, low ceilings, sparse, industrial design, almost too cool for school." — El Búho
Calle López 15, Colonia Centro, Centro, Mexico City, Mexico
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San Ángel
"I go for San Ángel for its range of different little boutiques, trendy food shops, tourist wares, and a few little gems hidden around the streets. It was my go to place to take friends looking for a souvenir and also a great place to wander around."  —  El Búho
San Angel, Mexico City, Mexico
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Desierto de los Leones National Park
National park located entirely within the limits of Mexico City's Federal District, and is the oldest protected biosphere in Mexico.
Desierto de los Leones, Álvaro Obregón, Mexico
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El Ajusco
El Ajusco is lava dome volcano located just south of Mexico City in the Tlalpan borough. "There are some really easy and accessible hikes from the city!"  —  El Búho
El Ajusco, Tapalpa, Mexico
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Bosque de Chapultepec
"The Bosques de Chapultepec are a great place to get away from the noise and madness of the city and well worth taking in the quite incredible Museo de Antropología (the best museum in the city!)"  —  El Búho
Bosque de Chapultepec, Mexico City, Mexico
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La Roma Records
Record shop selling old and new vinyl. Find everything from classics, to rock, hip hop, local acts and more. They also sell band merch and DJ equipment. Knowledgeable shop owners are happy to give recommendations and help you find what you're looking for.
Discos Mono
Record shop for the adventurous listener. Find everything from experimental, prog rock, krautrock and much more. The founders carefully handpick only a couple of copies of each record with a focus on small catalogues and independent labels.
Jalapa 129, Roma Nte., 06700 Ciudad de México, D.F., Mexico
El Péndulo
Flagship store of the Mexico City-based chain of bookstores.  The Roma location features two stories of rare books and a café with balcony seating.
Av. Álvaro Obregón 86, Roma Norte, Mexico City, Mexico
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Museo Nacional de Antropología
Mexico's National Museum of Anthropology is the largest and most visited museum in Mexico, and is home to a large collection of significant archaeological and anthropological artifacts from Mexico's pre-Colombian heritage.  
Museo Nacional de Antropología, Mexico City, Mexico
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La Nacional
Trendy, stylish restaurant serving traditional Mexican cuisine and a wide selection of mezcal drinks.
Orizaba 161, Roma Norte, Mexico City, Mexico
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Night club in the La Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City which regularly hosts local and touring DJs.
Calle Versalles 64, Juárez, Mexico City, Mexico
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