Cub Sport

Based in Brisbane, Australia, the pop quartet released their debut album This Is Our Vice in 2016 and won over audiences internationally with their unique brand of emotionally-charged pop. Musical successes aside, Cub Sport are keen humanitarians. In mid-2016 band members Tim and Sam came out as gay and in a relationship. Alongside out-and-proud guitarist/vocalist Zoe, the band use their platform to speak out against homophobia. The band is set to release their sophomore album, BATS, and while still deeply rooted in pop, the new album explores soul and R&B influences, making for Cub Sport’s most honest, intimate and sexiest release to date.

city guide:
Brisbane, AU
Green Tea Restaurant
"Green Tea is a Vietnamese restaurant in China Town. We've been going there regularly for about 8 years now and have become friends with the owner Tom. Everything on the menu is amazing so Tom will often surprises us with custom banquets — it's the best. If you go, tell Tom Cub Sport sent you and ask for the tomato fried rice." — Cub Sport
Green Tea Restaurant, Duncan Street, Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia
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The Low Road Cafe & Bar
"The food is top tier but feels homely, the space has a really lovely vibe and the staff are incredibly lovely. And my fav thing about The Low Road is that they're WOKE — definitely worth following on your socials! The usual order is a soy iced latte but sometimes a Bloody Mary depending on what sort of morning it is." — Cub Sport
The Low Road Cafe & Bar, Eildon Road, Windsor, Queensland, Australia
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"In the valley there's a really beautiful building called McWhirters. It was built in the 1890s —  it's really bright and beautiful!" — Cub Sport
98/312 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia
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Alex Perry Hotel & Apartments
"Our friends from out of town stay at the Alex Perry hotel in the valley. It has a stunning rooftop pool and apparently it's quite reasonably priced." — Cub Sport
Alex Perry Hotel & Apartments, Ann Street, Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia
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The Foundry
"It's a super chill venue with a friendly crowd. To me, it feels like one of the most inclusive spaces in Brisbane!" — Cub Sport
228 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia
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"A couple of Brisbane's best karaoke spots have changed hands/closed down so there aren't too many late-night options but if you're keen for some early karaoke, Wagaya has a great system with all of the hits and touch screens for ordering food and drinks. Our dream combo is Plum Wine and Mariah Carey/Shania Twain/Celine Dion." — Cub Sport
Wagaya, Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia
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Junky Comics
"There's a really lovely store in West End called Junky Comics. One of our friends Vlada runs it. It has a wonderful selection of graphic novels, clothing, jewelry and art from local artists — definitely worth visiting!" — Cub Sport
Junky Comics, Vulture Street, West End, Queensland, Australia
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Downey Park
"The house we were living in when I wrote/recorded BATS is right near Downey Park. It's a peaceful, wide open park with a mangrove-lined creek on its border that's home to a colony of thousands of bats. Most evenings we'd take our dogs Missy and Evie down to the park and watch the bats wake up and fill the sky as the sun would set. It was a truly beautiful thing to experience and looking back, those walks down at the park feel like a calming constant in a period of significant change and personal development. That has really stayed with me and has inspired this album both musically and visually." — Cub Sport
Downey Park, Noble Street, Wilston, Queensland, Australia
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Eagle Street Pier
"Enjoy the outdoors! The best thing about Brisbane is the weather. I'd probably suggest a walk along the river with a stop-off at Eagle St Pier for some seafood or a drink." — Cub Sport
Eagle Street Pier, Eagle Street, Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia
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Noosa National Park
"If you've got time to head an hour or two north, the national park in Noosa is unbelievably beautiful." — Cub Sport
Noosa National Park, Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia
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