Blood Wine or Honey

Thriving in the chaotic mix of high rise metropolitan life and stunning geographical features,  Blood Wine or Honey have synthesized Hong Kong’s stark sense of contrast into their debut record Fear & Celebration. From inside warehouses  and rural enclaves, the trio has created a hybrid sound that knows no borders. Combining a tropicalia rhythmic base with techno, house and post punk antics, Blood Wine or Honey have fully embraced a global sound that more than verges on the experimental. If anything, the music feels like a defiant act,  relishing in the unknown territories between nations and genres. If this sounds like a dissonant journey, it is, so suck it up and dive in. On the inspiration that Hong Kong provides, the band had this to say:

It’s not difficult to be stimulated from Hong Kong and the city has probably seeped into our music in a lot of subconscious ways, though nothing that’s too intentional. A large chunk of the album was recorded in a warehouse in one of the industrial areas on HK Island and the vibes of that neighborhood probably left some stain. We also named our label Plastic Pagan—which has no direct link to the city but somehow seems like an apt name for our place here.

Watch the video for title track “Fear & Celebration” and explore their Hong Kong guide below:

city guide:
Hong Kong, CN
Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant
"Part of a chain based in Chennai in India and tucked away in one corner of an old-school mall—so it’s unpretentious, affordable and full of families and people prioritising good food over see-and-be-seen surroundings. Everything is great, but the Northern Thali is the best thing on the menu. That and a salty lassi and your life will be complete." — Blood Wine or Honey
Wing On Plaza, 62 Mody Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Hong Kong
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The Beer Bay
"The uninviting-sounding Beer Bay—it’s the basic bitch of bars, situated down by Pier 3 in Central. Cheap and cheerful is good when your average cocktail in an upmarket joint costs north of HKD$120. You can always go somewhere fancy afterwards! There are plenty of boutiquey beers for those inclined but I’ll have a vodka, lime and soda." — Blood Wine or Honey
The Beer Bay, Central, Hong Kong
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"It’s in a great part of town and it has excellent coffee. Latte please, or whatever they recommend." — Blood Wine or Honey
32 Boundary St, Mong Kok, Hong Kong
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The Center
"Well, the '90s are in... and The Center, on Queen’s Road in the Central district of Hong Kong Island really is beautifully representative of the era. With vaporwave-neon lighting at night, ott hyper-reflective metallic surfaces all over the lobby and a general Bateman-esque post-modernist vibe it is probably Hong Kong’s 'best’ skyscraper, but inevitably plays second fiddle to the much taller IFC and ICC buildings that face each other over Victoria harbour. The Center was completed in 1998, at the zenith (or perhaps the nadir) of the excesses of the late-colonial era in Hong Kong—but it seems for some the party isn’t over, as it was sold outright last year for a record USD $5.2 billion." — Blood Wine or Honey
99 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
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Eaton HK
"Hong Kong is full of upscale five star hotels with a rather generic feel… But a few places are getting a more contemporary re-fit such as Eaton HK on Nathan Road in Yau Ma Tei. It has a new food court, a flexible work space (Eaton Workshop) which focusses on NGOs, a screening room, and a fledgling venue hosted in one of the wedding ballrooms where we had our album launch show." — Blood Wine or Honey
Eaton HK, Nathan Road, Jordan, Hong Kong
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This Town Needs
"TTN (This Town Needs) is the latest incarnation of underground venue Hidden Agenda - this time with an official license, large stage, and a varied line up of local and up-and-coming international touring acts." — Blood Wine or Honey
Hong Kong, Yau Tong, Shung Shun Street, This town needs
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Red Mr – Windsor House
"Mr Red in Windsor House, Causeway Bay has a great / bizarre indoor ‘garden’ room and can hold a group of around 10. Lock yourself away and sing your heart out." — Blood Wine or Honey
311 Gloucester Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
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Hola Classic
"For a sharp, contemporary tailored suit head to Hola Classic. They’re not particularly cheap or quick but well worth the money / wait. As seen in the Fear & Celebration video on our male protagonist. (Not a loan - band’s own!)" — Blood Wine or Honey
Hong Kong, Causeway Bay, Paterson Street, HOLA Classic
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"Hong Kong is definitely not lacking inspiring outdoor settings, with its convergence of mountains/city/sea. From any of the islands, Kowloon or New Territories, there are dozens (if not hundreds) of hiking locations to take in this landscape. It’s literally impossible to pick only one location but if you only have a short time in Hong Kong, pick any one of the Hong Kong Trails on Hong Kong island." — Blood Wine or Honey
Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
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