Banners makes the kind of music you want to pump a fist to or maybe jump in the air, run up a bunch of stairs — the kind of music that makes you feel like a champion. The Liverpool artist just dropped a new EP called Empires on Fire, and while its overarching energy leans towards the upbeat, there’s a palpable vulnerability woven throughout, giving it a cinematic spin worth diving into. Giving some hometown love, Banners says: “It’s such a vibrant, musical place. There’s a real culture of supporting anyone who gets up on the stage and has a go. Even if you’re not very good. Which helps, because we’re all not very good until we do it long enough to be good. So I’m told. I’m still having a go!”

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Liverpool, UK
Light of Bengal
"I like curry. Well the truth is I love poppadoms and it seems that it's culturally frowned upon to just eat them when you go for a meal so I have to like curry to. My favorite curry place is called the Light of Bengal. I used to go with my mate every week and we'd alternate on a weekly basis who would have to have the hottest curry on the menu. It was horrible and you'd dread it all week if it was your turn. I don't know who started that tradition or why but we were both too stubborn to end it. For ages. It's probably taken years off my life. That's not the Light of Bengals fault though. Point is, we started going there because the food is delicious."  —  Banners
286 Aigburth Road, Liverpool L17 9PW, UK
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Heebie Jeebies
"It's a club in one of those old underground warehouses that are all over Liverpool. My mate Chris DJ's on a Saturday night and plays nothing but indie bangers. Sells itself really. I'll have a rum and coke please mate. I'll get you the next one. I'm off to dance to The Strokes."  —  Banners
80-82 Seel St, Liverpool L1 4BH, UK
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Bold Street Coffee
"It's on Bold Street funnily enough which is one of the main streets into town so it's a good people watching spot. I started drinking coffee when I started touring. You know what never gets mentioned in all those band biographies is how tiring touring is. You never get Jimmy Page in "Hammer of the Gods" getting a bit sleepy. Maybe a massive plane helps with that. So I started drinking Iced Coffees, with no milk though. That's not good for them ole vocal chords."  —  Banners
89 Bold Street, Liverpool L1 4HF, UK
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Liverpool Cathedral
"The Anglican Cathedral: it's boss, massive, and was where I learned how to sing like an angel."  —  Banners
St James Mt, Liverpool L1 7AZ, UK
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Albert Dock
"I'd get people to stay down by the Albert Dock, it's right on the waterfront which in of itself is ace and there's a load of cool stuff near there. The Liver buildings, the Tate art gallery, big ships and stuff plus you're really close to the city centre. Maybe don't stay in that hotel above the Beatles museum though unless you want to get woken up by the fab 4 doing their thing at 7 in the morning."  —  Banners
Albert Dock, Liverpool, United Kingdom
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Invisible Wind Factory
"The best music venue I've ever been in was called the Kazimier, sadly and infuriatingly, that got closed down but the people that used to run that started a new venue called "The Invisible Wind Factory." They're an ace bunch of people that genuinely care about music and what they do. And it's a super cool space."  —  Banners
3 Regent Rd, Liverpool L3 7DS, UK
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The Cavern Club
"My recommendation would be to go to the cavern, watch a Beatles tribute band, and karaoke yourself senseless to the refrain at the end of "Hey Jude" with a load of drunk, people from all over the world."  —  Banners
10 Mathew St, Liverpool L2 6RE, UK
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"Well Karaoke is not totally my thing, but my friend, Tim, who's an absolute Karaoke machine, tells me that MBox has a fine selection."  —  Banners
66-68 Renshaw St, Liverpool L1 4EN, UK
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Baltic Market
"The Baltic Market is a market in a relatively new development called the Baltic Triangle. It's in the old Cains brewery which is an amazing building. I'm really glad it's being used for something unique and interesting. As much as I LOVE boss buildings getting knocked down and turned into more cheap student accommodation!"  —  Banners
107 Stanhope St, Liverpool L8 5RE, UK
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River Mersey
"I love it there. The sense of movement and space. Historically the movement of people in and out of the city via the river is the reason that so much of Liverpool's culture is so unique to the city. I love that it represents the welcoming nature of the city. And I love the mystery and the hope beyond the horizon once you get out to sea."  —  Banners
River Mersey, United Kingdom
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