Alex Clare

London-born, Israel-based singer Alex Clare released his latest LP Tail of Lions in January 2017. The album was recorded on a boat while traveling the River Lea with bass-player and friend Chris Hargreaves. Like his journey on the river, Clare’s personal and creative journey has been an interesting one to say the least, having dated Amy Winehouse and later embracing an orthodox lifestyle. The emotive album reflects Alex’s current perspective on life as a father and husband.

city guide:
Village Green
"Well, my favorite places to eat in the whole of Jerusalem is Village Green on Jaffo St. It is a vegan restaurant. I’m not vegetarian, I just really appreciate good salads!" — Alex Clare
Yafo Street 33, Jerusalem, Israel
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Grill Bar
"They offer the genuine middle eastern mangal (bbq and charcoal grill) experience. They grill everything from steak, to sweet breads to chicken heart, all served with fresh baked pita, humous and techina." — Alex Clare
Ha-Soreg Street 1, Jerusalem, Israel
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"So, I don’t really drink in bars too often. A friend of mine has opened up a small craft beer and sausage restaurant in Shuk Machane Yehuda. It is called Hatch. He makes all the sausages and brews the beer himself." — Alex Clare
HaEgoz Street 28, Jerusalem, Israel
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"It is a patisserie, but they make a mean coffee and excellent pastries." — Alex Clare
Yafo Street 119, Jerusalem, Israel
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Tzemach-Tzedek Synagogue
"Wow, Jerusalem is one of the oldest continually settled cities in the world, so it is full of old beauties!! My favorite spot is the old city. There is an old Synagogue there that has a special place in my heart called the Tzemach Tzedek." — Alex Clare
31 Habad Street, Jerusalem
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Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem
"The bar and restaurant at the Waldorf are excellent, so are the rooms, but it is a little expensive." — Alex Clare
Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem, Gershon Agron Street, Jerusalem, Israel
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The Market Courtyard
"I usually tell people to either Airbnb in Nachlaot, which is my neighbourhood, or stay in the Market Courtyard hotel. Beautiful rooms in an old yerushalmi apartment building." — Alex Clare
Hakarmel Street 30, Jerusalem, Israel
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Dead Sea
"We are only 30 minutes from the lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea. I love the desert out there." — Alex Clare
Dead Sea
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Mahane Yehuda Market “The Shuk”
"The standard of musicianship is exceptional in Jerusalem, try the Shuk on Thursday nights, the market stalls become live open mic bars." — Alex Clare
Agripas Street 46, Jerusalem, Israel
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