Artist Spotlight: Off Bloom
artist spotlight

The Danish trio Off Bloom – Mette on vocals and Mads & Alex on production – formed in Copenhagen but recently moved to London. Their unique, boundary-pushing sound is the perfect melding of Scandinavian electro pop and a new wave of UK and US beats with global influences. The band is from the same forward-thinking young Danish scene as MØ, Liss, Vera and Vasco, have worked with the likes of Two Inch Punch, Kid Harpoon and AlunaGeorge.  With no signs of slowing down, Off Bloom dropped their newest EP, Love Like Me today.  Sharing 5 tracks of energetic synth hooks, R’n’B vocals and sharp production that push these tracks into edgy electro pop vibe territory.  Give their single “Lover Like Me” a spin and head to you favorite music platform to hear the rest of Love Like Me.

We caught up with Off Bloom to chat about life on the road and got the scoop on all the cool spots to check out in Copenhagen.  Check out all their favorite places in the guide to their home town here.

Your on a flight from London to LA, what’s in your carry on:

Summer clothes (a little too much so the suitcase is almost impossible to close) sunglasses, chainz, computer with downloaded Swedish crime series Wallander.

Favorite airline and why: 

British Airways – trying so hard to get enough points to go through fast track in security! Haha! 

Favorite meal your grandmother used to make that reminds you of home: 

Fish cakes with remoulade and lemon on rye bread.

Must have tour bus/van snacks:

Crisps, crisps, crisps!

Top 5 must haves on the road:

Downloaded movies, music, good people.

Pre show drink:


Post show drink:


Favorite city to have a day off:

We had a day of in Cologne which was sooo awesome! Otherwise San Fran maybe! Or New York.

Favorite city to play:

Hmmm Copenhagen! 😉

Best city to go see a show and what venue: 

London, Shepherds Bush Empire.

Favorite road meal: 

Hmm when we are really tired or hungover we are going to Burger King otherwise we try to stay reasonably healthy otherwise we start to feel shit.

Room service order:


What city inspires you musically:


Studio Seamless/takeout order when recording:

Thai food and guacamole.

What’s in your rider:

Malbec wine (for our tech Tom), gin, cucumber, candy, beers, crisps, humus. 

Weirdest place you’ve ever written a song: