Annie Stela prepares for the release of her forthcoming EP ‘Joy’ with new song “Weight Of Life”
annie stela

Annie Stela beautifully takes us through her journey to motherhood with her new single “Weight Of Life“.

Inspired by the likes of Elton John, Billy Joel, and Tori Amos, Michigan-born artist Annie Stela got her start writing songs during her teenage years. While growing up in Detroit, the songwriter used her time to perfect her craft with piano lessons and immersed herself in literature and poetry. After finishing school, she took the leap most serious artists take to pursue their dreams; Moving to the City of Angels, Los Angeles.

It’s obvious Stela uses storytelling in her lyrics, weaving together sweet and somber piano melodies with her experiences oh so effortlessly. Her new EP Joy, set to drop sometime this year, is centered around motherhood, postpartum depression, and parenthood. The first track off the EP, “Weight of Life“, takes listeners through her 9 month try to becoming a mother.  In anticipation of Mother’s Day, Stela put together an exclusive playlist inspired by the holiday. Check it out below!

Mother”—Tori Amos
I read this song as being about the ambivalence of daughterhood; about straddling the line between leaving the nest and huddling down inside it.  Plus no one can sing the line “Mother, the car is here” without doing a Tori impression.

Beauty Mark”—Rufus Wainwright
One of the few joyful songs you’ll find on this list.  

The Mother”—Brandi Carlile
If you are a mom, this song will crush you until you are completely dissolved.

Alicia Ross”—Kathleen Edwards
This song is based on a young Canadian woman who disappeared and was later found to have been murdered by her next-door neighbor.  A bit of a bummer for a mother’s day playlist, I know, but Edwards makes the gut wrenching move of writing the song from Ross’s perspective, as though she’s talking to her mother.  It’s unbearable.

Laura”—Billy Joel
I always thought this song was about a girlfriend of Billy’s, but I heard him say in an interview recently it’s actually about his mother.  Holy shit.

Stacy’s Mom”—Fountains of Wayne
The best (and maybe only?) hot mom song.  Adam will be sorely missed.

Daughter”—Loudon Wainwright
This is the second Wainwright on my list.  Clearly, I love this family.  This is a fatherhood song, but I think it can be applied to how mothers feel as well.  I heard this song before I was a mom and it made me choke up.  Some part of me knew I was going to have a daughter.

You Won’t Even Know I’m Gone”—Lori McKenna
The plight of a touring mom by one of my favorite writers.

Nick of Time”—Bonnie Raitt
So much of being a mother changes how you feel about being a daughter.  This song always makes me think of that.

Hearts and Bones”—Paul Simon
My mother played this record in our house often when I was young.  This song is one of her favorites.  The first line is “One and one-half wandering Jews, free to wander wherever they choose…” I come from a marriage of one Jew and one converted Jew.  Whenever I hear that first line, I think of my mother.

Weight of Life”—Annie Stela
I was petrified of motherhood and of what it would do to me and a musician and songwriter.  This song is about coming to the edge of that fear and getting to the other side; or at least making it partway across the abyss.

No list of Mother’s Day songs is complete without it.

Annie Stela’s “Weight Of Life” is officially out now. Check it out below and let us know what you think!