An Interview with Eliza & The Delusionals
Eliza & The Delusionals

Australian indie rockers Eliza & the Delusionals have taken the U.S. by storm since releasing their U.S. debut single “Just Exist” last October. Today the band released their critically acclaimed sophomore EP A State of Living in an Objective Reality!

We were able to chat with the band while they were on tour with Silversun Pickups this past February. Though we spoke about their excitement of touring this Spring, the culture of live music has changed drastically due to the important precautions taken to protect people from COVID-19. Thankfully the music community has shown incredible resilience during this unusual time and has banded together to put on shows the best way they can…ONLINE!

Culture Collide: We’re always super curious about an artist’s creative process. How was the writing process for A State of Living in an Objective Reality? Were there any challenges? Were some songs easier to write than others? 

Eliza : The songs are like fragments from a certain time in my life. I think that each song represents different emotions that I was feeling. The songs were written probably 18 months or so ago so it’s hard for put myself back in that time to think about how they were written – but I think the most challenging thing is figuring out how to put your feelings into words. 

Culture Collide: “Pull Apart Heart” has made its way on our office playlist and been a constant play! Can you tell us how that song came to be? 

Eliza : At the time I was going through some really big changes in my personal life and I had to make a lot of decisions for myself. I remember writing down ‘pull apart heart’ in my notebook and realising that that’s exactly how I felt at the time. The song kind of wrote itself around that idea. 

Culture Collide: There’s always a sense of relief when you finally put out something you’ve been working so hard on. What are you looking forward to most about the EP being out? Writing more? Touring? 

Eliza : It’s nice to have the songs finally out. They had been sitting in our live set for at least a year before we got into the studio with them. I think it perfectly wraps up a certain time in my life, so it’s nice to be able to let that go. We are definitely looking forward to the newer songs we’ve been working on and definitely more touring!

Culture Collide: We hear this is your first tour in the states! How has it been touring with Silversun Pickups? What has been your most memorable moment while on the road so far? Have you hit up any cool spots to chow down? 

Ruby: Silversun Pickups are the most genuine, nicest people we have ever met, and had the honour working with. The most memorable moment would definitely be in New Orleans. It was our last show with them and during our last song the band and crew came on stage with tambourines and cowbells and we all had a dance together. It was a really nice way to finish the tour. We played at Stubbs BBQ in Austin, so we had the biggest BBQ dinner and it was so good. 

Culture Collide: A lot of touring is just getting from place A to B. What do you do in that span of time to keep occupied? What are you guys currently listening to? 

Ruby: Most of the time is spent in the RV listening to music and looking out the window or sleeping.  We all are currently loving all the new 1975 songs. I personally am listening to the DMA’s on repeat, their new song Silver is amazing. 

Culture Collide: Being so new to playing shows in America, it must be super exciting to be playing festivals like SXSW and Firefly. Are there things you all are stoked about doing or seeing? 

Ruby: is incredibly exciting to be on those lineups, I think we are all stoked on sharing the stage with artists who have been huge influences to us for a long time. We are also super excited to experience what festivals are like in America and to see some amazing artists that either haven’t made it to Australia yet or haven’t been there in a long time. 

Culture Collide: Lastly, what do you hope people take away from listening to A State of Living in an Objective Reality? 

Eliza : Whatever they would like really. I wrote these songs while I was going through a really hard time and pivotal moment in my life, so I guess it’s a reminder that you can get through the bad times and the hard things life throws at you.

A STATE OF LIVING IN AN OBJECTIVE REALITY is officially out and available to stream via Cooking Vinyl. The band will also be participating in Isol-Aid, an online music festival featuring amazing artists from the Australian Community. The festival begins March 21st through the 22nd! You can find the lineup here.




photo by: Luke Henry