Amo Amo Breaks the Divide on Mystical “Closer To You”
song premiere

Picture the rolling California hills of chaparral, and among the sagebrush a vision appears of five beings, bathed in perfect light, soft color and producing a soulful sound to match the scene. Whatever kind of tune comes to mind probably resembles something close to the sonic bliss that LA-based quintet Amo Amo creates. Produced and mentored by the spiritual pop master himself, Jim James,  Amo Amo peacefully fights for a more connected world on their latest track “Closer To You.” With a collective harmony that is as melodic as it is psychic, Jim James notes:

“For a musical group to come along like this is very rare — a swirling double helix of truth and love-male and female-earth wind and fire. When they play, I feel it very deep in my DNA and it registers — we are all the same.”

Delivering us from our daily woes, Amo Amo has started their journey off right — the music is good, the message is real. Listen to “Closer To You” and be sure to catch them live. Dates below:

9/18: Ojai Deer Lodge – Ojai, CA
9/20: Fonda Theatre (w/ Jonathan Wilson) – Los Angeles, CA
9/23-24: The Chapel (w/ Hailu Mergia) – San Francisco, CA

photo by: Wyndham Boylan-Garnett; Marketa/Flickr