America’s Next Bop Model Tolliver introduces single ‘Petty’ with personal thoughts

Four Things That Went Through My Head When My Roommate Kicked Me Out for Editing Porn aka Goodbye to My Favorite Subway Sandwich Shop aka The Four Stages of Bisexual Grief


  1. Hey, this is bad! I would really like to keep living in this apartment! I lived with my bandmate in Moisture BOYS, my avant garde rap and r&b project, and he and I recorded tons of EPs in that apartment, giggled a lot and befriended neighborhood dogs. I love Chinatown with a big part of my heart; the festivals, the food, the music lounges and art galleries: shit is poppin. Do I work for the Chinatown Tourism Bureau? You’ll never know! 


  1. There’s no way I’m gonna find a place this cheap in LA. My rent was freaking $650/month! I was God! I’m a broke hoe, so the fear was very real. Thankfully I was blessed by the homie Annabelle Maginnis, a great musician and person, and found a nice place for pretty cheap! 


  1. Do I smell terrible?? I’m still not clear on why they asked me to leave, but I can only assume it’s because I’m unworthy of love 🙂 I’m writing this in the middle of a very strange week, forgive me! Honestly, there doesn’t need to be a reason. Sometimes it’s just time to move on. I had a million great times in that apartment and made art I’m very very proud of. Nothing can change that. Especially because I buried my memoirs in a secret location in the apartment! Answer these riddles three to find them and reveal the deeper meaning behind the song ‘Juggalos Get Lonely, Too.’ 


  1. OK, this was fair. Lol. I mean, I dunno, it kinda was. I’m a boisterous Bonnie, I drank all their booze one time when they went out of town, hosted strangers from Scruff and, as mentioned in the headline, edited porn loudly in my room. Not everyone’s cup of kombucha! 


I wrote “Petty” the day they texted me telling me I had to leave, a very raw time! But I have a lot of love for them and appreciate all the good times we had. Sorry if that ruins the song for you! Thankfully I’ve already collected millions in royalties.




photo by: Lisa Johnson