Stats: alt-J’s Festival Dossier

UK trio alt-J, seemingly came out of nowhere with their debut album, 2012’s An Awesome Wave. Having since released two more albums, the band’s rise has been huge due to their highly distinctive electronic folk-rock. Combining world rhythms, a minimalist setup and multi-part harmonies, the group’s popularity shows no signs of dimming. Their latest LP Relaxer, was released this year. Here, Alt J answer a few questions about festival life:

Number of Festivals Played this Year: 

Favorite Show Drink: 
Halfway through the set I have a nice hoppy beer or a glass of red wine.

Pre-Show Ritual: 
Joe and I do a lot of vocal warm ups before playing.

Festival Highlights:
The unexpected.

Backstage Perks: 
Decent bathrooms.

Rider Requests: 
Gin and tonic, cherry tomatoes and pizza.

Favorite Festival (Attended): 
Foals, Glastonbury 2013.

Festival Memory:
Our first trip to Australia for Laneway Festival was really memorable. 

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photo by: Gabriel Green; Tom Tomkinson