Album Premiere: Lady Rizo’s ‘Indigo’

Self described theatrical soul pop, Grammy-award winning Lady Rizo makes orchestral songs that take you on a journey. Her sophomore album Indigo is out tomorrow with a full preview stream here. The album spans 10 tracks that toe the line of performance art and rock ‘n’ roll all backed by a soulful voice. Indigo tackles all the favorites of human emotion, love, loss, bitterness and hope with a touch of comedy.

“This album pulled songs together that I had written over a 4 year period of great change for me. My 12 year marriage ended, I had a long period of pain and self reflection, and then I fell deep in love again with the man I just had a baby with. I feel like the album is like walking into a grand house where every room holds a different feeling or mystery of the human emotional spectrum.”

Listen to the full album below: 

photo by: courtesy of the artist