Album Premiere: Harts’ Ebullient ‘Smoke, Fire, Hope, Desire’

Musician and quadruple threat Harts, will get your blood pumping. Hailing from Australia, the singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer does it all on his US debut, Smoke, Fire, Hope, Desire. Culture Collide has the exclusive premiere of the record ahead of its release this Friday, July 21. Listen below.

Harts’ infectious beats brim with audacious guitar riffs, heady bass lines, ebullient horns, and velvety vocals. Blending soul, funk, jazz, hip-hop and rock, Harts irresistible strains snagged the attention of
Prince before his untimely passing, who proclaimed, “He reminds me of how I was at that age.” One listen to Harts and the parallels in his songs and arrangements is clear. This is music you feel.

Lead single, “
Peculiar,” hits all the right notes. The rousing blues anthem is an empowering and uplifting track that can instantly pull anyone out of a funk when they’re having one of those days. “Don’t you ever feel something peculiar, babe? Colors all around but we only see gray.” Harts reminds listeners to find the beauty in the day and keep on pushing. When the instrumental solo hits at 1:18, simply close your eyes and let that funky spirit move you.

“There’s a lot of sadness and trouble in our world,” says Hart, “but there’s still a lot of love being born.” This message of compassion and joy resonates throughout
Smoke, Fire, Hope, Desire, as emphasized in the album’s title, and on tracks “Power,” “Fear In Me” and “All Rise.”

Named GQ Australia’s Artist of the Year in 2016 and landing three Triple J number 1s, it’s no wonder Harts has garnered so much buzz back home. With the release of
Smoke, Fire, Hope, Desire, Harts is sure to win over fans stateside in no time at all.

photo by: courtesy of the artist