Album Premiere: Among Savages’ Latest LP ‘Accounts of Friend and Foe’

Among Savages has been kicking around LA evolving into different formations, doing the thang for the past few years and making a name for it. On his latest release, Peter Barbee has evolved from a singer songwriter to an full blown artist on Accounts of Friend and Foe. On the third single, “Getting Older Quicker” Barbee takes a frank look at the aging process. Taking a page out of Richard Linklater’s book, Barbee shot the video over the course of a year and documents his transformation from being out of shape, losing weight, to putting on about 20lbs of muscle. Thus solidifying his personal transformation from just a singer to an artist.

Life is a journey they say and Barbee has taken that saying and turned it into an album on
Accounts of Friend and Foe: 

I wrote this album while wandering. Scribbled lyrics on scraps of paper in Central America, tracked piano in a former Stasi listening center in Berlin, made percussion loops with a friend’s silverware in their Norwegian kitchen, stole sound bites from New York City subways and rooftops, and wrote string melodies house sitting in the heart of Los Angeles’ Skid Row. Accounts of Friend and Foe, understandably, carries and captures a very transient mood. Some songs fit together like chapters, while others have a swagger that could only come from a poor musician hammered on martinis he can’t afford.

The album itself is an eclectic mix of cinematic instrumentals wrapped in pop hooks, driven rhythms and smooth vocals make this record a must listen for summer 2017. Is it still summer? What day is it? Give the album a spin and see for yourself.

COLLiDE Highlights
“What Goes Around” 
“Stop Foolin” 

“No Such Thing”

photo by: Sasha Israel