Album Stream: Zuli “On Human Freakout Mountain”
album stream

Up and coming psych-pop artist Zuli is dropping his debut album right here for your listening pleasure.  Recorded in Copake, NY and at Refuge Recording in Brooklyn, NY, On Human Freakout Mountain strings together 10 tracks of melodic hooks and psychedelic textures to deliver an album that emits a cool pop breeze.  It expands on 2015’s EP Supernatural Voodoo but “goes deeper on every level,” says Zuli. “The composition on On Human Freakout Mountain is more intricate, the harmonies more lush.”

COLLiDE Favorites
“knew me”
“neither am i”

On Human Freakout Mountain is out tomorrow via Swoon City.  Preorder the album here or just give it a spin here.

We chatted with Ryan Camenzuli the man behind the moniker Zuli to chat about making On Human Freakout Mountain.

What song on the record was the most difficult to construct in terms of writing, recording, producing?
“Neither Am I” was challenging at first. There’s a lot of sections to the song and it was difficult to figure out the narrative of the song. I took my time with it tho, and it turned out to be one of my favorite songs on the record.

What inspires you to write songs?
Lots of things.  Conversations with friends and strangers, TV and movies, a good book, a great song.

Do you write lyrics first or come up with a melody?
Usually the melody comes first, but there’s no real method. Things always come differently.

Do you seek out the music or does the music find you?
It usually finds me. For the most part it’s hard for me to sit down and “write a song”. 

You play a few different instruments, is there one you favor to write songs with?
Guitar is a great starting point for me, but lately I’ve been very drawn to sitting at the piano to begin writing. 

Besides On Human Freakout Mountain what is your favorite album you’re playing right now?
I’ve been loving the new Alex Cameron record “Forced Witness”.

What album that’s influenced your overall sound would you compare to On Human Freakout Mountain?
I think Rubber Soul by the Beatles is sort of a good reference that has influenced my overall sound / this album. OHFM is definitely more intense than Rubber Soul ever gets, but I think a lot of the straight forward songwriting can be seen between the two.

Were there any studio habits you developed making this record?
Lots of Tea. Tho that’s more of an everyday habit for me.

Zuli will be out pounding the pavement later this fall.  Check him out!

October 28 /// Murmrr Ballroom /// Brooklyn, NY
November 3 /// Hardywood ///  Richmond, VA
November 4 /// Twisted Branch /// Charlottesville, VA
November 5 /// MOTR Pub /// Cincinnati, OH
November 6 /// Be Here Now /// Muncie, IN
November 7 /// The Basement /// Nashville, TN