Album Stream: ‘Doing Asbestos We Can’ by The Moms
album stream

If there is one thing that screams straight forward, good old American rock ‘n’ roll it’s New Jersey, amiright?

Next to “Rock ‘n’ Roll” in the dictionary is a picture of the great state of NJ.  It’s true.  Keeping with tradition, New Jersey natives The Moms are back with a new full length that will set your ears on fire.  Their sophomore effort Doing Asbestos We Can packs a hefty punch of grungy punk into 14 tracks that is everything your album recorded in a basement heart could desire.  After spending years on the road in an old beat up RV the trio took up residence together in a house to reconnect and assimilate back into the real world.  They stayed in one place for a while, did the whole job thing and found inspiration for the their music. Doing Asbestos We Can was written as an ode to the balancing act of being in a band when the rest of your world isn’t.  Keeping relationships, upholding support systems, staying in touch with the rest of your life is the timeless balancing act of anyone chasing the success of being a musician.  Doing Asbestos We Can is an honest version of The Moms story through distorted guitars, grungy vocals.  Grab a PBR, put your fist in the air and throw on this record.

COLLiDE Favorites
“Fortunate Former”
“Off The Hook”

The boys will be hitting the road to support Doing Asbestos We Can.  Tour dates below.

OCT 19 Revolution Music Hall – Amityville, NY
NOV 15 Sunnyvale – Brooklyn, NY

Just when you thought you knew Morristown, NJ a band comes along and opens your eyes to everything Morristown.  Add a little punk rock to your Morristown knowledge with The Moms check out their travel guide here.

Favorite restaurant and why? What’s your order?
Macho Nacho – Lengua Burrito…..I order this every time I leave town, just in case I don’t make it back.

Favorite bar and why? What’s your drink order?
Home to drink #whateverthehelliwant.

Favorite coffee shop and why? What’s your drink order?
Dunkin Donuts: you get waaay more iced tea for your money. (And lemons).

What are some underrated buildings or landmarks you love and why?
There are secret tunnels under the center of Morristown that were used for clandestine correspondence during our revolutionary war. Jacob Arnold’s Tavern was accessible by tunnel.

Where would you recommend people stay? (hotel etc…)
AirBNB our broken RV!

Favorite place to catch a show and why?
Nowhere, Morristown has a strict policy which bars punk rock.

Best karaoke in town?
Wondering the streets, distracting yourself.

Favorite boutique and why?
The Dain Shoppe: custom plus sized lingerie.

What’s the most inspiring outdoor space and why?
Fort Nonsense, a revolution era fort located close to the center of town (the green.) Used, at the time, as a vantage point.

If someone only had 24 hours in your city, what would you recommend they see and do?
Get as far away as you can…

What does your city have that you can’t find anywhere else?
Revolutionary tunnels and a proprietary blend of disenfranchised young professionals and down-on-their-lucks.

photo by: Pat Moran