Album Premiere: WIBG’s Rousing ‘Winnie & The Nihilist’

Portland garage/psych rock band WIBG (FKA Wooden Indian Burial Ground), release their sprightly third record, Winnie & the Nihilist this Friday, November 10 via Exag Records.

Since 2012, WIBG have consistently released singularly engrossing psych rock that’s the perfect amount of strange. Frontman and guitarist, Justin Fowler’s warbling vocals are as entrancing and invigorating as the rhythms the band potently pulls together helmed by, in its current iteration, Dan Galucki (drums), Nathan Moore (bass) and Cory Gray (keyboards).

Winnie & The Nihilist is nine tracks of jam-pack, non-stop energetic fuel, that will leave listeners daring to seize the day, or at the very least, partake in some solid moshing (here’s looking at you, “Sunshine”). The title track sets the stage as Fowler’s voice calls out “all hail the sun of the season” before asking, “did the future already happen? Is the future already here?” as each note gleams and reverberates on the beaming track. “Turned On & Terrified” doesn’t miss a beat, as the momentum continues to build from the get-go. A subtle nod to 60s rock creeps its way into the track as female harmonizers caressingly sing, “ooh la la la ooh” while instruments wail and crash in the background.

Closing track “Never The Same #2” ends on a rollicking, meditative note with a lengthy exchange between band members before lyrics come into play at the 2:30 minute mark, along with down-tempo, breezy melodies, whistling, and those bubbly female harmonies, before brining it back to where it all began – unfiltered, unapologetic rock.

Soak in those sunny vibes and go make shit happen.

 Listen to WIBG’s Winnie & The Nihilist now ahead of its Friday release and check out Collide’s interview with the band below.

Culture Collide: What’s the most Portland thing you’ve ever seen in Portland:

WIBG: I once saw a monkey tied to a donkey tied to a tractor trailer that was converted into a home with a bright pink door and no windows, but that was in Mexico. Growing up in Portland, I’d have to say skyrocketing rents and gentrification.

Most recent attended protest:
WIBG: Women’s March last January.

What is your favorite thing to pickle:
WIBG: Eggs, onions and hot peppers.

Favorite local beer:
WIBG: pFriem is really great…I wish Modelo Negra was local – WHAT a classy bottle. Damn.

Do you have a screen printing press in your garage:
WIBG: Nope

Do you make your own buttons:
WIBG: Nope

5 top must haves in the studio recording Winnie & The Nihilist:
WIBG: Coffee, bubbly water, burritos, instruments and friends.

Album you listen to on the drive home from recording to wind down:
WIBG: NPR, silence, or Kendrick’s DAMN.

Most used guitar while recording Winnie & The Nihilist:
WIBG: Silvertone Silhouette and a Kalamazoo Mustang ripoff equally.

Favorite pedal used on Winnie & The Nihilist and what tracks was it used on:
WIBG: I used an MXR Micro Amp on every song.

What’s was the most complex song on the album in terms of recording, writing, assembling:
WIBG: Never the Same was a weird & fun one