Album Premiere: *repeat repeat’s ‘Floral Canyon’
album premiere

Surf rockers *repeat repeat release their sophomore record Floral Canyon this Friday, September 15th. The band mixes sixties surf-pop with nyc punk rock, a result of frontman and East Coast native Jared Corder’s Bad Religion and Black Flag influences, and West Coast’s Kristyn Corder’s upbringing on The Mamas and The Papas and The Everly Brothers.

The album’s title, Floral Canyon, is a nod to the golden age of the 60’s when flower power and free love was in full swing at Laurel Canyon. *repeat repeat were largely inspired by this time-period when writing the album, as they reflected on today’s culture and ideologies, and the challenges of being in relationships.

“We called the record Floral Canyon after various lifelong inspirations from Laurel Canyon,” says *repeat repeat. “The end of the decade brought the Manson murders, and that juxtaposition of peace and love with the dark, ominous tones of Helter Skelter always fascinated me. We feel our music reflects a similar dissonance between the bright harmony-heavy love songs and the loud brash tone & crunch of the guitar and drums, with a little bit of a spooky undertone.”

One can hear this paradox on tracks like the driving, agitated “Ghost” and the undulating “Hooks” about wanting to be with someone despite your judgment perhaps telling you otherwise. On “Plugged In” one can feel the ocean waves crashing against the shore as the track opens with thunderous drums, guitar and organ. It’s a call for freedom and letting go of all that holds you back from your true self.

Listen to the premiere of *repeat repeat’s Floral Canyon ahead of its Friday release and read on below as *repeat repeat share their favorite vegan and pet-friendly places in Nashville.

Village Pub

This place is exactly what it sounds like, the perfect neighborhood spot for a drink, plus it’s great if you’re looking to tuck away into the corner and meet with someone or have a chill night. They have board games if you’re into doing that at a bar, and Mule Mondays with a bunch of different types. Their wraparound patio is the perfect spot to take Popsicle so she can friendly-bark at everyone as they walk up to the entrance.

Eastland Cafe Yappy Hour

The first Thursday of every month, this bar hosts an outdoor gathering of families and their critters. Everyone brings their dogs, and you can see all the people in your neighbor who spoil the shit out of their pups. They have little treats for your pet and a special happy hour menu. We’ll bring Woof Woof the Pug to this but honestly he’d rather be sleeping.

Sky Blue

This is the best brunch place in all of Nashville. It’s very tiny and everyone is turned onto it now so it’s a bit of a wait, but it’s worth it. They have a great patio perfect for eating breakfast burritos with your Parrot. Pharaoh likes the vegan chili.

Sunflower Cafe

This place is vegan, so you can feel good about knowing that you love all animals, not just the ones that sleep in your bed. Again, great patio. Since Sir Clementine is a special needs cat, he doesn’t go too far and likes to sit in our laps, so he can come get some sun while we get beers.

Tomato Art Fest

Tomato Art fest is one of the biggest street festivals in Nashville and is a blast. It’s great for families, whether the little ones you have are covered in fur or just skin. Tons of activities, Bloody Mary’s, art and artisanal goods and lots of stuff to see. We recommend bringing your dog to this, as many do, but in our dreams we’re riding our horse Lincoln through the crowd like some sort of royalty.

Vegan places

The Wild Cow and Graze
These two are always at the top of our list, one, because they offer insanely great food and two we don’t have to leave our neighborhood. Ha. That’s a thing for east-siders, which is both silly and endearing, and only partially (but also mostly) true. Please if you know what’s good for you, try the Buffalo tempeh grinder at Wild Cow and the Breakfast Burrito and Oven Fries at Graze. Then never look back.

Southern V.
To partake in the decadent foods of the South (like the unfortunately-infamous Nashville Hot Chicken, or to-die-for Southern staples like biscuits & gravy, chicken & waffles, hot chicken biscuits). Oh my goodness, this all sounds so delish. And at Southern V., it IS all delish.

We salute you, Southern V. Please keep it up. Our deep-fried dreams depend on you.

And to be clear. Prince’s is/was the originator of the Nashville Hot Chicken craze, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise — they are anything but vegan but they are the OGs of this trend (that, ahem, tastes just as good or better in cruelty-free form).

Taco Mamacita 
Sometimes there is nothing you want more than Mexican food, but that particular cuisine can be tricky to veganize in some instances (mostly due to the common use of lard in refried beans and chicken stock in rice, and so forth) so we have mad respect for Taco Mamacita for having a separate (tangible actual thing!) vegan menu. That menu with a margarita in-hand makes us feel so fancy and fulfilled.

Kokos Ice Cream
Going rogue and going to express an excitement for an ice cream spot opening October 14th. The new brick and mortar location for popular vegan ice cream pop-up, Kokos Ice Cream, is a highly anticipated in our fam, as it is currently THE ONLY ALL-VEGAN ICE CREAM SHOP IN NASHVILLE (still waiting on you, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream and Pied Piper! What’s an East Nashvillian gotta do to get a vegan option at these door spots? Like, we’ll do it ). But yeah, already calling KOKOS as a personal fav that we will frequent, and you should, too.

photo by: Visit Music City