Oldermost Puts Fresh Spin on Mid-Atlantic Americana with ‘How Could You Ever Be The Same?’
album premiere

Philadelphia rockers Oldermost revel in the art of enigma.

Their music is easy to listen to because it sounds familiar; we are comforted by nostalgia, soothed by what we know and love. Oldermost is unapologetically a rock n’ roll band; classic rock forms the backbone of their sound, making it instantly accessible. Yet this timeless vibe is only the beginning of the Oldermost experience. The band embraces the Philadelphian tradition of blending sounds and cultures. At the crossroads of the Northeast and the old South, denizens of the Mid-Atlantic combine the best of both, while adding their own unique ingredients to the mix. By incorporating elements of pop, indie, and folk, Oldermost creates music that is both fresh and familiar at the same time.

On their new album How Could You Ever Be The Same?, the band exemplifies this benevolent stretching of genre. The group plays with rhythm and production to create a sonic landscape that is new and beautiful, accented with reassuring landmarks. On the track “Cracks Like A Window,” there are echoes of famous Mid-Atlantic innovator  Bruce Springsteen. On “Same To Me,” we’re treated to a classic ballad, while the folk guitars on “Honey With Tea” are enlivened with a poppy energy.

Oldermost’s sound is impossible to define, and that’s okay; their ability to encompass so many styles at once is what makes the band so fascinating. Their new LP is intentionally complex, but invites the listener’s fearless exploration. The band comments,

Bringing water to the mouth with bare hands. A script dissolving into sand. Dead doves stuffed up a magician’s sleeve. Your old set of keys not working on the door of your home anymore. These images and more on our new record set the table for the listener to explore how to face uncertainty, embrace change, and dwell in the possibilities of unfinishedness. Written and recorded over a period of almost three years in the world’s greatest city, Philadelphia, ‘How Could You Ever Be The Same?’ was created to be both 100% rock and roll and 100% Oldermost. We wanted to create something that listeners can return to again and again and be given something new each time.”

How Could You Ever Be The Same? is a work of art open to all interpretations. Experience it’s diverse soundscape by listening to the record below, and check out Oldermost live at Johnny Brenda’s in Philly on July 19th!

photo by: courtesy of the artist