After a Decade Jazzanova Returns with Remixed “Rain Makes The River”
song premiere

In the mid to late ‘90s, jazz saw a mini resurrection, piggybacking off the house and techno scenes that were taking Europe and the rest of the world by storm.

But instead of making cover albums, artists were using new technologies combined with an acute ’60s obsession to remix, cut up, dice and electrify old jazz records. Classic samba jams became lounge hits, more suited for the club then a sit down venue, and this is where Jazzanova comes in.

Right around this time, the Berlin-based DJ collective started spinning out experimental reworkings and originals, establishing themselves as forefathers of the Nu jazz movement. But like all good things, styles come and go, more often working in cycles than linear paths. During the late aughts, indie guitars replaced synths and Jazzanova took that time to tour, start families and work on other projects. But now we’re entering a new rotation in the jazz cycle; with artists like Kamasi Washington and Flying Lotus, the genre is back, making this the perfect moment for Jazzanova’s return. It’s been a decade since their last release, but their newest record The Pool, is as good as anything in their 20 plus year career. Alex Barck of the collective says, 

“Jazzanova started as a DJ team in the middle of the 90s. This always played an important role in our music. The new DJ-Perspectives series closes the circle in a way and features this important aspect of our work.”

Today we are excited to exclusively premiere a remix they did of one of their own tracks. The new version of “Rain Makes The River” is heavier, oscillating between smoother acid jazz vibes and dance floor drops. Listen to the track below and be on the lookout for The Pool, out June 29.

photo by: George Roske; Jörg Schubert/Flickr