COLLiDE Agency

COLLiDE is a Cannes Lion Award-Winning boutique marketing agency weaving brands into the cultural fabric in meaningful ways. COLLiDE is based in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Austin with partner offices in Mexico City, Montreal, and Toronto.

Our mission is to advance culture, by building and executing marketing strategies for top brands and company passion projects.

Travel with Purpose

Travel with Purpose is COLLiDE’s guiding principle, and the credo under which all of our editorial content falls under. It can be found in the daily wanderlust we provide at, in digital magazines, and printed booklets. Twice a year, it takes the form of a printed magazine entitled Travel with Purpose. Books are available at participating hotels including Hard Rock, Graduate, and select boutique properties throughout the U.S.



The first of its kind, COLLiDE ATX is at once an eatery, drinking den, creative arts space and exclusive performance venue. Every other month for the duration of 2017, the space hosts unique monthly menus and drink tastings, art, and live performances from bands hand-selected by COLLiDE. During the day, the venue is a free workspace for the city’s artists and entrepreneurs.


COLLiDE sport is the Sports division of COLLiDE agency, whose mission is to weave brands into the cultural fabric in meaningful ways. COLLiDE sport expands on that focus by working with brands, teams, and leagues to customize marketing, branding and promotional campaigns. In 2017, COLLiDE sport acquired an ownership stake in the Portland Pickles Baseball Club.

About Our Founder

Alan Miller has over 20+ years experience in entertainment and cultural marketing. In that time he founded COLLiDE Agency, Culture Collide festival, Travel with Purpose media network, and co-founded the influential music and culture magazine FILTER. Points of passion include his love for unusual foods, minor league baseball, and far-away travel.