A Night with Anna Gabriel
You might remember a few years back when Collide spoke with photographer Anna Gabriel about her book/project Eye-D. Almost 5 years later, she and her father, Peter Gabriel took part in a Q&A and book signing at Rizzoli NYC last week celebrating its long-awaited release. A throng of people (including a masked Jack Antonoff) lined up for this intimate event. In a nice reversal of roles, Peter interviewed Anna about the creative process and the challenges of navigating the hectic schedules of everyone from Johnny Depp to Mick Fleetwood. During the Q&A portion, one member of the audience said they were surprised at the lack of vanity in the photos. Debbie Harry and several other artists appear with little or no makeup, letting the camera capture everything without pretense. Holding intense eye-contact with the camera, at such close proximity can be just as intimate and vulnerable as posing nude. On paper the idea may not sound like much, but the end result is a striking collection of art. The resulting book will certainly draw music fans but could easily stand on its own without celebrity subjects. It showcases the expressiveness and individuality of the human eye, something that is perhaps often overlooked. The gallery collection is equally impressive. Despite the consistent subject matter, each photograph stands apart from the last. Some are wide-eyed with a mischievous twinkle, others, deeper, more pensive and mysterious.


After the interview segment, Anna and Peter stayed until every last fan in line had a chance to get their book signed, take a selfie and chat with both artists.Later in the evening, a reception was held at the Morrison Hotel Gallery  where limited edition prints are on display for purchase. Collide spoke with several patrons who purchased pieces throughout the night.  Debbie Harry and Annie Lennox were to of the most talked about photos. While this may be the first time a lot of people have knowingly seen Anna’s work (she has actually directed a lot of music videos and documentaries) it won’t be the last. She has recently joined forces with her father and Wicked Cow Studios to form Studios called Reverberation to explore all the important ways music intersects with our brains and through neuroscience, how to do every day activities better with music. They’ve teamed up with incredible neuroscientists and media partners to create big, interactive entertainment projects that will help us all learn how to better incorporate music as a tool to do things better. Their first release Reverberation: Do Everything Better With Music is released this week. Keep an eye out for more from this intriguing project.
Photos by David Iskra