A Look in the Mirror with Nasty Cherry and New Single, ‘What Do You Like In Me’
Nasty Cherry

What we see in the mirror can be unforgiving. We can be unkind to ourselves and not self-assured. Oftentimes this same self-effacing nature can cast many a soul adrift in these most Darwinian of times.

When lead singer Gabz of Nasty Cherry exclaims, “What do you see in me” its a near perfect amalgamation of that insecurity many of us feel, with a special nod to teenage women the world over.

I’m about one-third of the way through my Rise n Grind latte when a nostalgic fever comes over me watching this music video. Its 80s and 90s vamp kitsch circa USA Network’s ‘Up All Night’ in all its lust and fussed-over glory. There’s an obvious visual reference to Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” and enough awkward mirror stares to give a girl whiplash.

The song itself highlights hazy vocals, delay-drenched guitars, and a somewhat simple drum beat, as if Twin Shadow hooked up with Lana Del Rey in the early hours on a Sunday morning. It is effortlessly catchy, and a great fit sonically for Vroom Vroom Recordings, Charli XCX’s own label.

I’m no expert on witchcraft, but these girls have certainly cast a spell on me with this retro-infused dream pop affair.