From Thrift Shops to Vintage Gems: 5 Bay Area Shops

San Francisco is home to some of the biggest brands out there like Levi’s and The Gap (denim is kind of a big deal). But it’s also filled with incredible vintage shops, famously so in The Haight and on Telegraph Ave. When it comes to personal style, there really are no boundaries — there are those that keep that 60’s spirit thriving, and some with a more modern approach to fashion. But hey, you do you, and there’s really no better place to experiment than the Bay Area.


Men’s and Women’s clothing boutique in the Inner Richmond neighborhood of San Francisco. Featuring independent designers mixed seamlessly with classic brands and pieces. Recommended by The Stone Foxes. 


Record store that regularly features free live shows and an eclectic stock of vintage and new releases. Recommended by Geographer, Painted Palms and The Stone Foxes. Recommended by Geographer, Painted Palms and The Stone Foxes.

“Amoeba has everything under the sun including the stuff you didn’t know you liked yet. There are a few dusty old record shops in Alamo Square that focus mostly on obscure soul/funk/jazz too.” – Painted Palms

Painted Bird

Secondhand store featuring an array of vintage clothing, shoes & accessories for men & women. Recommended by Geographer and Painted Palms. Recommended by Geographer and Painted Palms. 


Shop selling vintage apparel that occasionally hosts in-store shows. Recommended by Painted Palms. 

“Vacation and Painted Bird are my favorite. A lot of the time you end up buying clothes your friends sold to them. Haha” – Painted Palms

Slash Denim

Go-to destination for all things denim since 1979. Recommended by SWMRS. Recommended by SWMRS. 

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