Song Premiere: Grand Am Take an Electro Dive in “Technicolor”

Like the name suggests, Grand Am’s  “Technicolor” is an electro dreamscape for the senses.

A groove-heavy track reminiscent of Air’s Moon Safari years, the song is a departure from the duo’s heavier guitar-centered material. “It’s such a different side of Grand Am,” says singer David Mcmillan. “One that feels more delicate and more contemplative.” With a steady ambience that slowly builds throughout, it’s the kind of track that brings you home after a late night and just before the morning. On the songwriting process, writer and producer James Panepinto says,

“…we actually wrote this before a lot of the heavier stuff we did. At the time we were searching for a sound and identity as songwriters at the start of this project, and this song tells that story of what we were chasing. There is always an element of questioning yourself and your creative decisions as songwriters (and in life) and the story here is one of pursuing what you want while balancing on that line between hope and fear.”

It seems the pursuit was worth it. After years of creating music for film and television, Panepinto joined forces with McMillian to take a leap into the void, resulting in an impressive debut record, Waves. Listen to “Technicolor” below and be sure to catch Grand Am at their first show at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC, May 17.