Look out for 2014 announcements coming soon!

Culture Collide’s 2013 Full Line-up Includes:

Liars (US)
King Khan & The Shrines (Canada, Germany)
The Raveonettes (Denmark)
Miami Horror (Australia)
Rhye (US, Denmark, Canada)
Iceage (Denmark)
The Men (US)
Bleached (US)
Bobby Gillespie & Andrew Innes of Primal Scream (UK)
Rob Crow - acoustic (US)
Medicine (US)
Alice Russell (UK)
F*ck Buttons (UK)
No Joy (Canada)
Keaton Henson (UK)
Plastic Plates (AU)
Mumiy Troll (Russia)
Prāta Vētra (Latvia)
Vadoinmessico (UK)
The Great Wilderness (Costa Rica)
Duologue (UK)
SiMoN (Japan)
StereonoiZ (Peru)
The Pack A.D. (CA)
IZA (Poland)
Chateau Marmont (France)
Maya Vik (Norway)
The Deer Tracks (Sweden)
Mujuice (Russia)
Birth of Joy (The Netherlands)
HellShovel (Greece, Germany, Canada, France)
Wooster (US)
Okta Logue (Germany)
Instrumenti (Latvia)
Gemini Club (US)
Bagheera (US)
Gliss (Denmark)
Mystery Skulls (US)
Incan Abraham (US)
Heliotropes (US)
Jacco Gardner (Netherlands)
PanSTARRS (Egypt)
Secret Shine (UK)
Like Swimming (Sweden)
Vicente Gayo (Mexico)
Float Fall (Belgium)
Bombay Show Pig (The Netherlands)
Frida Sundemo (Sweden)
Family Wagon (US)
Cosmic Suckerpunch (US)
Exile Parade (UK)
The Novocaines (AU)
The Copper Gamins (Mexico)
Adi Ulmansky (IL)
Optic Yellow Felt (BR)
Terry Poison (IL)
South of France (US)
Kid Karate (IE)
Brodka (PL)
Kita Klane (US)
Tiny Ruins (NZ)
The Rebirth (US)
D Tiberio (US)